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Here is the newest addition to our dresses! Wear this cute costume to represent your wild side and you will never again fall behind the latest fashion trends! Show everyone your inner animal and fearlessly set out to your animalistic adventures! Available in black, green and pink (female) and black, brown and white (male).
The 9th of January 2017 is your last opportunity to get some upgrade items in our New Year's Sale! Take your chance and drop by our Florensia item shop today for some New Year offers! Amongst other things you'll find Gold Sand, Platinum Powder and Slate Pieces of Time at reduced prices!
03 Jan 09:18 [SHOP] New Year's Sale
The holidays were relaxing, contemplative, exciting, and those of you who greeted the New Year somewhat louder might even be a little fatigued from the celebrations. So we thought you might need some upgrade items to begin the new year full of energy again! We wish you the best for 2017 and see you soon in Florensia!
Today is your last opportunity to get some winterly items in our Christmas Sales! Take your chance and drop by our Florensia item shop today for some Christmas offers! Amongst other things you'll find our Yule Gowns, Winterly Bonnets, Santa's Helper Dresses and Ice Dresses at reduced prices!
02 Jan 09:21 Welcome to 2017!
We hope you enjoyed the holidays and welcome you to 2017! We wish you an enjoyable and exciting new year as well as health, happiness and many successes for you and your loved ones. We are very much looking forward to what 2017 will bring!
23 Dec 08:28 [SHOP] Ice Ice Baby
Matching the winterly temperature we would like to present the icy accessories of the Frost Giant Ymir! The power of Ymir is now bound to his ring, his amulet and his earring. Get your icy accessories now and carry Ymir's soul with you on your adventures.
21 Dec 14:50 Attention please
On the morning of December 12th 2016 there were massive problems with our login which resulted in problems with some accounts. While the restoration of the items of the few players that were affected is taking longer than we had hoped, we would like to apologize again. Also, we would like to give each player a small compensation for the inconvenience that was caused.
In the spirit of the theme Nightmare Before Christmas 2016 we are introducing our beautiful Gothic Dresses and Hats!
During maintenance on December 20th 2016 we solved the following things.
There will be some maintenance on Tuesday, December 20th 2016 starting at 6 am (CET).