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Latest News
We will perform tomorrow, June 23rd 2017, a maintenance to activate the 2x EXP Event. The Maintenance will start at 9am CEST.
22 Jun 09:00 [SHOP] Summer Sale
The sky is blue, the sun is shining brightly and the water's surface is glittering. It's time to put on those swimsuits and head to the beach! It's summertime in Florensia and we want you to enjoy every last second of it! Pick your Ocean Swimsuit to be one with the water, a Fire Swimsuit to stand out or a Boat Headgear to really turn some heads! Oh and by the way: No need to worry about not having a few coins left over for ice cream, since we have our fantastic swimsuits reduced by 25%! We'll see you at the beach!
That beautiful weather and the coming "Scavengers of the Past" Update we thoughts it's time to give you some more benefit from level up your characters. Therefore we'll start a Double EXP Event on June 23rd which will last till July 3rd. On both days we'll have a maintenance.
We'd just like to give a friendly shout-out to our community to remind everyone that our Summer Screenshot Contest is still running! We've already received great screenshots from you and cannot wait to see what you come up with in the next days! You have until the 25th of June 2017 to send us your pictures to flocontest@gamesinflames.com. The winners of the categories best screenshot and best picture editing will receive a prize of 10.000 AP! On top of that, every submission will receive 7-day-headphones to start the summer!
19 Jun 09:00 [SHOP] Go Fishing Day
There are many possibilities to spend time in the world of Florensia: Some of you set out on exciting quests, some of you gather your guilds to slay fearsome monsters, others again like to explore new environments and dungeons. And when you get hungry on your journey, there are delicious recipes for snacks along the way. But where to get the ingredients? Not hungry for mushroom skewers today? Maybe looking for something more hearty than a salad? Well then, a nice fishing trip is the solution!