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Latest News
Today we like to start with the first look onto the new map of our SCAVENGERS OF THE PAST update.
18 May 08:00 [SHOP] Upgrade Madness
It's time to improve your gear for the upcoming challenges within the "Scavengers of the Past" update. That's why we make you a special offer till May 22nd 2017. You'll find in our Shop Slate Piece of Ancient and Platinum Powder with a discount of 20%. As well as the special Diamond Dust, which increases the success chance by 5 times, for 1,200 AP. Beside that we prepared some special bundles for you, so have a look.
12 May 12:32 [SHOP] Blazing Weekend
Dear Florensians, Are you ready for the weekend? Florensia certainly is and has a special surprise to give you a blazing time playing online over the weekend! The fantastic Luminous, Blazing and Dark Celestial Armor are now available with a reduction of 25% in our Florensia item shop! The Gods are watching over you and grant you all the strength you need to succeed while you are wearing this tremendously beautiful forged masterpiece! Your Florensia Team
Following up on our last SCAVENGERS OF THE PAST update we would like to give you some more information on what awaits you. Today we'll be telling you more about the max. level increase! - The max. level will be raised to level 105! - You will receive the corresponding Skillpoint only at level 105 - 30% of the EXP that you needed until level 99 are required to reach the following levels - If you have negative EXP, you'd better close the gap before we launch the update
Dear Florensians, There will be some maintenance on Monday, May 15th 2017 starting at 9.00am CET to remove the Hanami Event. We will announce it as soon as maintenance is complete. Your Florensia Team