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26 Apr 09:00 [SHOP] Golden Week
Golden Week, the well-known row of public holidays, is approaching! To celebrate these glistening days, our Florensian shop keepers have chosen to display their very best in the shop windows! Dress up in a celebratory Yukata and enjoy a day of fishing in the sun with a Fox Fishing Rod, pick some flowers and wear a crown of blossom sprinkles, nibble on a delicious cake or set out on a new exciting adventure - stylish as ever in a sleek white, gold or violet Phoenix Cloak! Enjoy the week and have fun playing!
26 Apr 07:00 [UPDATE] Patchlog
Have a look at the patchlog for today's maintenance
25 Apr 09:00 [UPDATE] Patchlog
Have a look at the patchlog for today's maintenance
Dear Players, We will perform a maintenance on Wednesday, April 25th 2018 from 7am CET. A detailed patchlog will follow. Your Florensia Team
Who of you knows what that delicious malted beverage with that rich flavor and thick foam is called...Ah! Yes, beer! Are you already dreaming about having an ice cold pint straight from the fridge and relaxing with it in your garden, in the sun? Do it today: German Beer Day celebrates the innovation and craftsmanship of German brewers everywhere!