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Latest News
23 Mar 09:00 [SHOP] Angels & Devils
There are many decisions to be made on the adventures through Florensia. Should you take the safe or the dangerous route? Will you risk fighting a horde of monsters to achieve your goal? Will you stand behind your team mates no matter what? Is it an angel or a devil on your shoulder? You choose! Wear a pair of gorgeous Angel Wings or open the Devilish Random Box or show everyone your true colours with an Angel or Devil Dress - it's 15% reduced after all!
22 Mar 09:01 [UPDATE] Patchlog
Have a look at the patchlog for our previous maintenance
Dear Florensians, A Double EXP Event has begun this fine day! Gear up and meet us in Florensia! Have fun! Your Florensia Team
Dear Players, We will perform a maintenance on Wednesday, March 21st 2018 from 7am CET to implement several bug fixes. A detailed patchlog will follow. Your Florensia Team
20 Mar 09:00 [SHOP] Kings & Queens
You can always spot the royals in Florensia by their glittering Tiaras and Crowns and the most valuable accessories they are wearing. Of course, they also have their maids to attend to their every need but these could also turn into beautiful princesses with the help of a fairy godmother and her Wind's Ear. King, Queen, Cinderella or the Fairy Godmother - whatever role you play, you'll get a glittering 20% reduction as well!