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Latest News
12 Dec 09:00 [SHOP] Ultimate Armor
Mean monsters are lurking everywhere. In every battle you worry about your HP and every fight could be your last. So what could be better than ultimate protection from attacks, that also looks good? That's why we're now offering our Ultimate Armor! That means the dark Blackdragon Hat & Coat and the feminine Negi Hat & Robe in modern white, grey, black, red or blue are waiting for you - and that with a reduction of 20%!
08 Dec 09:00 [SHOP] Gothic Dresses
It's time again for elegant & dark costumes! Let's be honest: red or blue and black dresses are literally dead smart. So you can glam up properly, our shop is now offering Gothic Hats and Gothic Dresses! Impress your friends with this modern costume and get a reduction of 25%. Have fun and receive many envious looks!
06 Dec 09:00 [SHOP] Wizarding Week
Who of you always wanted to be a magician? We all admire them: How they fool their audience and how nobody can explain how their magic tricks work. The mysterious appearance, the cool outfit. A magician with his hat, robe and everything that comes with it is simply really stylish. For this reason it is Wizarding Week! Get the illusionist look for your character now! With the Magician Hat, the Magic Keys and the Black Wizard Robe or the complete Ultimate Wizard Bundle you will jinx every monster!
04 Dec 09:00 [SHOP] Winter Wedding
Especially during this cold time of the year, festivities with your loved ones are a great idea. You have the perfect opportunity to marry in a wonderful winter scenery between snow-covered pine trees. For this grand occasion we are offering you the matching tuxedos and wedding dresses, which you can top off with a glittering crown, tiara or snow-coloured flower sparkles. We wish all couples a beautiful wedding and enjoy the snowy landscapes! On top of this, enjoy a reduction of 20%!
Dear Florensians, There will be a second short maintenance on the 1st of December at 10am CET for our Spirit Dress from the Design Your Dress Contest. We will make an announcement as soon as maintenance is complete. Your Florensia Team