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Latest News
20 Oct 10:00 [SHOP] Upgrade Mayhem
Just in time for the weekend our store owners have told us that they will bring total Upgrade Madness to Florensia! It seems our explorers are in dire need of some Upgrade Systems, so these are now available with a reduction of 20%! Grab a Slate Piece of Ancient to protect your items or boost your equipment with a Special Grade Upgrade Stone! Some Mithril Powder or Platinum Powder never goes amiss either! A true Florensian is always prepared for a challenge!
We will perform a maintenance on Tuesday, October 24th 2017 from 9am CET to add a Double EXP Event.
They say the sun rises blood red after battle. And one warrior stands victorious, clutching the weapon that made his win possible. How fitting that the shot that ends the fighting may have been fired from an Explorer's blood red dual guns - a weapon so quick, the enemy will not notice the bullet until they are already on the ground. Exquisite craftsmanship and powerful shooting range makes these firearms so unique. And why only use one when you can have two? Be quick on your feet and take down enemies left and right with these sleek weapons!
What could be better loot than a large, glittering treasure chest! Florensia's special Treasures include the Swordmaster's and Wizard's Treasure for the most skilled adventurers! Black Wizard Boxes hold even more magical secrets and are hard to come by! And finally, Angelic or Antique Dione Random Boxes are found in the most mystical corners of this world.
We've heard some Nobles asking for the perfect weapon for them in the battles to come! Well, it's true, we've given you a preview of a fearsome weapon for Explorers, Mercenaries and Saints. But what would be fitting for all our Florensian Nobles? One of our scouts has just brought us the answer! It's been reported that a brand new Cariad will come to the world of Florensia! This can be wielded by all Saints and Nobles among you! Do not take this weapon lightly! After all, Magic should be handled with care and experience, so it doesn't fall into the wrong hands! That's what got us into this mess with the Black Wizard in the first place, right?