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28 Apr 11:05 [SHOP] Walpurgis Night
Do you feel that? The sense of mystery and danger in the air? Yes, the night of April 30 is drawing near! On this fateful night, witches gather and have a direct bond with the devil. Bonfires are lit and songs chanted throughout the dark night. It is Walpurgis Night!
Dear Florensians, While our maintenance on the 27th of April we changed the following things. Easter Event removed The Level 25 Oaken Musket got renamed to Old Musket Your Florensia-Team
Dear Florensians, There will be some maintenance on Thursday, April 27th 2017 starting at 6.00am CET to remove the Easter Event. We will announce it as soon as maintenance is complete. The Hanami Event will stay until the 11th of May. Your Florensia Team
Dear Florensians, Have you heard that Unicorns love glitter? So what better than a pinch of sparkling Diamond Dust? Get yours now from our Florensia item shop! Your Florensia Team
Are you familiar with Greek Mythology? Have you heard the tales of heroic and legendary characters that conquer all evil with their special powers? These great greek Gods have left us their magical Jewels to support all adventurers in Florensia with their mythical properties. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity and receive your special accessories to assist you on your adventurous quests! On top of that you will receive a magical reduction of 25% in our Florensia item shop on all these special items!