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Latest News
The new year has begun and it's Florensia’s third birthday. We would like to celebrate this and have some fun with all of you! We would like to invite you to share your best screenshot of your most beautiful or even the worst moment: the most exciting happening, the most unfortunate LvUp, or any other emotional event of 2017!
18 Jan 09:00 [SHOP] Make a Change
We do love changing outfits for every adventure - after all, not every dress is suitable in a deadly fight and not every robe can be worn for exploring the open sea. But once in a while, maybe changing the outfit isn't enough. Every then and again, we also like to get a new haircut and spice things up a little. That's why this weekend, we're giving you the chance to spruce up your character with our special Resets.
17 Jan 12:00 [UPDATE] We Want You!
Listen listen! We are recruiting volunteer shipmates!
17 Jan 09:00 [UPDATE] Patchlog
In today's maintenance we - Removed the Christmas decorations and quests - Adjusted the icons of our Scavenger of the Past content Have fun playing!
16 Jan 15:00 [SHOP] Gypsy Kings
The people of Florensia travelled to these lands from all over the world. Some people came across the oceans on vast ships, others crossed high mountains, and there is one group that cannot be bound to one place but are nomadic folk, always traveling from place to place. We call them the Romani, the Gypsy Kings of Florensia.