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21 Jul 09:00 [SHOP] Summer Wedding
Birds are chirping and the sun shines down fondly on the towns and rivers of Florensia. The flowers are blooming and somewhere in the distance we can hear the sound of church bells ringing. It is the perfect time to tie the knot and celebrate a floral wedding during this beautiful summer time! Be the center of attention with a colourful Wedding Dress or Tuxedo and spread the joy with Heartbeats, Flower Sparkles or gorgeous Blossom Coronets! And if you want to go all-in, why not choose a glittering Tiara or Crown? It's your special day after all! And to support the celebrations, you will receive a reduction of 25%!
Our exciting Random Boxes hide many unique treasures. Will you dare to open them and see what's inside? It might be Brilliant Angel's Wings or a Super Star. Or for those of you who seek dark magic, the random box might conceal a Black Wizard Robe or a Magic Jewelry Key. Don't hesitate to find out what awaits you - after all, our Random Boxes are only available with a reduction of 20% until Friday, 21st of July.
Our next preview for our great Scavengers of the Past Update will give you a sneak peek into some more of the new weapons which will also give you a bonus! Choose your weapon of choice: Will it be the dual hand guns, the rifle or the one handed sword? And don't forget to protect yourself with a florensian shield!
You all know that feeling when you set out on an adventure to undiscovered lands. Excitement at what you might find on your journey. Apprehension at what monsters might be guarding unforeseen treasures. And determination when you slay a monster and find amazing loot. And what better loot than a large, glittering treasure chest! Florensia's special Treasures include the Swordmaster's and Wizard's Treasure for the most skilled adventurers! Black Wizard Boxes hold even more magical secrets and are hard to come by! And finally, Angelic or Antique Dione Random Boxes are found in the most mystical corners of this world. Be brave, adventurers, and discover the treasures that await you! And don't forget: If you are quick you will receive a magical reduction of 20%!
A friendly and hot summer day. Simon was just on his way to go fishing, but what is that? A yellow note with many strange signs on it… What could that mean? Well, the fishing has to wait…