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Latest News
18 Apr 09:00 [SHOP] Ninja Academy
It is time for training! How are you supposed to fight monsters without honing your skills and focusing your mind? It can take years to gain such skills and become a practiced warrior, but not to worry! We are sending you to the Ninja Academy!
We have just received an urgent message, that an old force that has been sleeping for a long time beneath the world of Florensia, has been re-activated. Now Eirene, the Goddess of peace, needs your help so the power is not exploited once again. Otherwise, the world of Florensia will be thrown into turmoil!
We are proud to present the final winner of our Design Your Dress Contest! The unique Dragon Priest Costume is now available in our item shop. Choose between Purple, Red and Brown to become a legendary Dragon Priest, a helper and protector of Florensia who uses the wisdom and the power of the Dragon to conquer evil.
11 Apr 09:00 [UPDATE] Patchlog
Have a look at the patchlog for today's maintenance
As a nice Hanami Special and a little gift after the holidays, we've created an Easter Random Box! In this treasure box, you will randomly get one of the following items. Items only available in this treasure chest: Unlimited Cherry Blossom Coronets, Rebirth Egg and the Easter Bunny is very hard to get as well.