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What could be better loot than a large, glittering treasure chest! Florensia's special Treasures include the Swordmaster's and Wizard's Treasure for the most skilled adventurers! Black Wizard Boxes hold even more magical secrets and are hard to come by! And finally, Angelic or Antique Dione Random Boxes are found in the most mystical corners of this world.
We've heard some Nobles asking for the perfect weapon for them in the battles to come! Well, it's true, we've given you a preview of a fearsome weapon for Explorers, Mercenaries and Saints. But what would be fitting for all our Florensian Nobles? One of our scouts has just brought us the answer! It's been reported that a brand new Cariad will come to the world of Florensia! This can be wielded by all Saints and Nobles among you! Do not take this weapon lightly! After all, Magic should be handled with care and experience, so it doesn't fall into the wrong hands! That's what got us into this mess with the Black Wizard in the first place, right?
How was your weekend? Did you indulge in National Dessert Day as well? Exactly, National Dessert Day is celebrated around the world and includes - well - every kind of sweets you can think of! Whether you prefer candies, donuts or ice cream, National Dessert Day is the day to have as many sweets as you like with a good conscience! And since we never miss a chance to celebrate a funny holiday, Florensia is taking part by offering our home-made cakes, lollipops and candies!
16 Oct 07:00 [UPDATE] We Want You!
We are recruiting volunteer shipmates! If you’d like to actively improve the Florensia experience, this could be your chance!
We have heard legends of him…that Black Wizard that seeks to destroy the land and all who come near him. But, what adventurers would our Florensians be if they weren’t prepared to face such danger? We know you are all ready for the fight, but we can’t let you go unequipped!