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    Dear Florensians,

    Ancient history and tales should always be preserved and passed along so that they won't be forgotten. A very special group of people have made it their mission to keep history alive and broaden our fantasy by telling stories, writing poems and composing music. We call them Bards, the Keepers of Tradition.

    They uphold the memories of the tribes with their unique spiritual ability and favour the harp or the lyre as an instrument for their songs, which speak of epic and heroic adventures. They are held in high esteem and are trained for many years by a Chief Poet. Therefore, if you see a bard in Florensia, don't hesitate to approach them and ask for a great Florensian tale - they will gladly strike up a song.

    Or maybe you want to become one yourself? We cannot help you with your training in poems or songs, but we do have the perfect attire for you to make a proper appearance! Dress yourself in a green, red or brown Bard Dress and always have your instrument with you wherever you go. And that with a reduction of 15%! Uphold the Florensian tradition, for that is the way of the bards.

    Your Florensia Team


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