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24 Feb 15:48 [SHOP] Carnival
Dear Florensians, It's time for a Florensia carnival! The streets are bustling with the most eccentric and fabulous costumes we've ever seen! Join in and choose your outfit from the wizard robes, gypsy dresses or scary outfits in our Florensia shop! What's more, you'll receive a reduction of 25%! We are looking forward to seeing what outfits you will come up with!
Dear Florensians, Don't forget to pick up your Epic Grim Reaper Hat now with a reduction of 25%! Dress up and let your animal adventure begin! Your Florensia Team
22 Feb 11:04 [EVENT] Who are you?
Dear Florensians, Love is a beautiful thing. But how fast do we get distracted because of it? With all those pink hearts in his eyes, Cryton has actually forgotten to ask for her name! But... who is she?! Can you help him find her? We are going to meet on the 24th of February at the harbor in Roxbury on English NoPvP. We’ll start at 20:00 CEST and try to bring him to the right path.
Dear Florensians, As a follow-up to our Animal Dress, we thought it would be only fitting to make it a complete animal adventure! How about an exotic tiger hat or a cute mini-ferret? Visit the Florensia shop and get your Mini-Mounts, Epic Grim Reaper Hat and Animal Costumes now with a reduction of 25%! Dress up and let your animal adventure begin!
Dear Florensians, We hope you all enjoyed a happy Valentine's Day! We are not ready to let go of the romantic atmosphere yet and decided to give you something more in our second Valentine's Sale! Therefore, we are giving you a reduction of 25% on our gorgeous Hearts and Heartbeats! Wear these cute head effects to top off your outfit and show everyone the Valentine's spirit!
16 Feb 12:18 [PATCHLOG] 16.02.2017
Dear Florensians, We are excited to see what you make of our new Avery Elite Dungeon and its monsters! We have written the following patchlog to give you more detailed information on the quests you will have to fulfill and the monsters you will encounter in the Avery Elite Dungeon! Have fun and most of all...be brave!
Dear Florensians, There will be some maintenance on Thursday, February 16th 2017 starting at 6.00am (CET) to implement the Avery Elite Dungeon. Since it is a large update, we are not yet sure how long maintenance will last. We will announce it as soon as maintenance is complete. Your Florensia Team
14 Feb 09:23 [Shop] Be my Valentine
We wish all of you a happy Valentine's Day! Cupid seems to be especially generous today and we get the feeling that soon there might be some wedding bells ringing. Obviously the bride and groom need to be prepared for such a splendid occasion, which is why we are offering our romantic wedding dresses and tuxedos with a reduction of 30%! Dress up and enjoy your very special day! And for those of you who have a sweet tooth and would like to enjoy some valentine's treats, our cakes are now also available with a reduction of 30%! Enjoy!
Dear Florensians, We hereby announce that the Avery Elite Dungeon is coming on Thursday, the 16th of February 2017! We are very much looking forward to it and are very excited how you will face off against the epic monsters the dungeon brings with it! We will release detailed information in the patch notes. Be ready - Avery Elite is coming!
The courageous adventurers among you always fearlessly jump into new challenges. Therefore, a short rest to regain your strength and have a savoury meal is sometimes necessary. And what is best suited for this ... exactly, our Noodles! We are now offering these in our item shop with a reduction of 25% to help you get the most out of your future challenges! All that's left to say is, go on an adventure!