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Dear Florensians, While our maintenance on the 27th of April we changed the following things. Easter Event removed The Level 25 Oaken Musket got renamed to Old Musket Your Florensia-Team
Dear Florensians, There will be some maintenance on Thursday, April 27th 2017 starting at 6.00am CET to remove the Easter Event. We will announce it as soon as maintenance is complete. The Hanami Event will stay until the 11th of May. Your Florensia Team
Dear Florensians, Have you heard that Unicorns love glitter? So what better than a pinch of sparkling Diamond Dust? Get yours now from our Florensia item shop! Your Florensia Team
Are you familiar with Greek Mythology? Have you heard the tales of heroic and legendary characters that conquer all evil with their special powers? These great greek Gods have left us their magical Jewels to support all adventurers in Florensia with their mythical properties. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity and receive your special accessories to assist you on your adventurous quests! On top of that you will receive a magical reduction of 25% in our Florensia item shop on all these special items!
With the currently strange April weather it is an advantage to have the right clothes for the right conditions. The same is true for Florensia and its many adventures. Lucky for you you can help us with that by participating in our ongoing Design your Dress Event where you have the chance to suggest a new dress for Florensia by sending us a drawing! Maybe you have an adventurous idea that we have not thought of!
Dear Florensians, We became a bit tired of maintenances this week and so we decided to not hold the maintenance tomorrow April 20th 2017. Instead we'll have the maintenance on next weeks monday April 24th 2017. That means for you, up until this maintenance on next week monday, the 2x EXP Event will stay active. So you'll have the next days and the weekend to enjoy it. Your Florensia-Team
Dear Florensians, Since last night we had face issues within our Network which sadly had spreaded. We found the cause and currently working on solving it but it will take a couple of hours to do so. We'll have you informed as soon as there is an update, so check out our Webpage or Facebook. As we're aware that many of you planned to enjoy the last day of the 2x EXP Event, we decided to prolong the event till Thursday April 20th as small compensation. We're sorry for the trouble. Your Florensia Team
16 Apr 07:55 [UPDATE] Happy Easter!
Dear Florensians, Happy Easter to all of our brave adventurers! May your Easter Nests be plentiful and the chocolate Easter Eggs delicious! Enjoy the holidays and keep your eyes open for Easter Events! Your Florensia Team
At the 15.04 from 21:00 o’clock until 22:00 o’clock CEST and at the 17.04 from 19:00 o’clock until 20.00 o’clock CEST you will find easter bunny’s in whole Florensia! They can hide anywhere, so keep your eyes open! Every 10 minutes, they’re searching a new hiding place. You found a bunny? Awesome! Talk to him and you can keep his loot!
13 Apr 10:00 [SHOP] Epic Easter
What would an Easter Nest be without a little surprise from us for our brave Florensians! Take a peek in our item shop and see if there are any goodies for you there! We bet you'll find our brightly coloured Dressy Rabbit Suits, Bunny Girl & Boy Dresses and cute Rabbit Ears. And since it's the holidays, there will be a great Easter reduction of 20%!