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21 Sep 00:00 [Payment] +50% AP Sale
From the 21st of September 2017 0:00 CEST until the 25th of September 2017 23:59 CEST, you will receive an additional 50% AP on all AP purchases you started within that time!
Arrrr me hearties! T' all ye sea dogs and buccaneers! Ye be searchin' for a day of swashbucklin' on the high seas? We've got ye covered! Throw back some grog and gear up fer a fine day o' sailin' th' dangerous waters. It's all hands on deck fer th' adventures that await ye in th' Florensian Ocean.
Dear Florensians, Have you noticed a little something in our shop lately? Yes, we've integrated a search function for you guys. Now you can find the items you're looking for more conveniently and quickly. Just type in the whole item name or a part of the item name you're looking for and voilĂ ! Have fun :) Your Florensia Team
15 Sep 07:00 [SHOP] Oktoberfest
Are you ready? For what you ask? Well, Oktoberfest of course! This weekend marks the beginning of the traditional German festivities and invites everyone to join in! Dress up in time for the tapping of the barrel that initiates the beer festival. And at the end of the day if you're looking for a little boost after so much excitement, we have our fabulous Upgrade Items for you.
13 Sep 07:00 [SHOP] Sky Pirates
Every adventurer knows that the open Sea is a dangerous place to venture out to. There are many dangers out there, only one of them being ruthless pirates that seek for hidden treasures and don't hesitate to attack and steal from other crews! But who says you can only meet a pirate at sea? Florensia is a wondrous place, and our pirates have actually taken to the skies as well! Behold the fearsome Sky Pirates, adventurers of the heavens! They really strike a picture in their green, red or blue costumes and you can be one of them! Get your Pirate Dress now in our Florensia item shop with a reduction of 20%!
11 Sep 07:00 [SHOP] Back To School
The Summer Holidays are coming to an end and as always, they were way too short. All the same, we wish everyone a great start into the new term and hope you are all well prepared! To give you a little boost, we've prepared a fabulous Back To School shop update for you! Dress up properly in our blue, red or green School Uniforms and treat yourself to a School Cornet or some sweet Star Sticks! After all, you'll receive an off-to-school-reduction of 25%!
08 Sep 07:00 [SHOP] Make a Change
We do love changing outfits for every adventure - after all, not every dress is suitable in a deadly fight and not every robe can be worn for exploring the open sea. But once in a while, maybe changing the outfit isn't enough. Every then and again, we also like to get a new haircut and spice things up a little. That's why this weekend, we're giving you the chance to spruce up your character with our special Resets.
In Summer we see everyone wearing bright colours, cute flower dresses or even flashy bathing suits. But this isn't everyone's style - some of us prefer sleek outfits and dark colours all year round. After all, tasteful black is an eye-catcher whatever the season! Since we like to offer something for every taste, our item shop is now stocked with our gorgeous and mysterious Gothic Dresses as well!
Our Florensians really seem to be enjoying the summer! But at some point we do need a little ice to cool down, don't you think? So how about some ice in the sunshine? Whether pink, blue or green...there's something for everyone in our shop today. Can you guess what? Exactly: our ice dresses are back! Choose your favourite delicate gown and top it off with a cute ice ribbon or a royal ice crown with a reduction of 15%. They won't even melt in the sun!
With our new website we also have new support emails. During the transition time our previous emails will still work, but these will be switched off with the launch of the new website at the latest. So please bare this in mind and use the following new support emails from now on.