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How was your weekend? Did you indulge in National Dessert Day as well? Exactly, National Dessert Day is celebrated around the world and includes - well - every kind of sweets you can think of! Whether you prefer candies, donuts or ice cream, National Dessert Day is the day to have as many sweets as you like with a good conscience! And since we never miss a chance to celebrate a funny holiday, Florensia is taking part by offering our home-made cakes, lollipops and candies!
16 Oct 07:00 [UPDATE] We Want You!
We are recruiting volunteer shipmates! If you’d like to actively improve the Florensia experience, this could be your chance!
We have heard legends of him…that Black Wizard that seeks to destroy the land and all who come near him. But, what adventurers would our Florensians be if they weren’t prepared to face such danger? We know you are all ready for the fight, but we can’t let you go unequipped!
..2 … 1..2 Grrr.. 1..2.. What a #!@?!&$! I can’t handle that! Ohh! What timing! My name is GrimReaper. I have got the task to count things. The problem is.. I only have two axes! I can’t count further than two this way.. sigh.. if only I had three axes…So.. I need your help! How? You have to count for me! Here is a list with missing numbers. Fill it out and bring it back to me. For that I will share my reward with you! Sounds good, doesn’t it? I'm counting on you!
12 Oct 07:00 [SHOP] Ninja Academy
It is time for training! How are you supposed to fight monsters without honing your skills and focusing your mind? It can take years to gain such skills and become a practiced warrior, but not to worry! We are sending you to the Ninja Academy!
Because of Leif Erikson, America has one more state holiday - since today is the day the ship Restauration from Norway arrived in New York! Be a great explorer yourself and go down in history with a fetching Sailor Hat, some valuable Ship Power and some Norse jewels from Leif's home country. We’ll give you a 25% discount for the journey!
06 Oct 09:00 [SHOP] Mad Hatter Day
We all know him, the crazy, chatty, talented, lovable, gibberish character from Lewis Carroll's story, the one that we call the Mad Hatter. His large top hat is only one example of his work, and you can be sure that he would not turn down a request to fashion a hat for you! In his opinion, nobody should ever go out hat-less again!
It is time for the annual Harvest Moon Festival! We also call it the Mid-Autumn Festival, a time to gather, to give thanks for the good harvest, and to pray for a good future. Offerings are given to the moon and the Moon Goddess of Immortality, Chang'e. People burn incense and perform dragon and lion dances in celebration to the shining lights of many colorful lanterns. Often people also pray to Chang'e to fulfill their romantic wishes, which is why they always dress up in beautiful clothes for the occasion.
The courageous adventurers among you always fearlessly jump into new challenges. Therefore, a short rest to regain your strength and have a savory meal is sometimes necessary. And what is best suited for this ... exactly, our Noodles! We are now offering these in our item shop with a reduction of 20% to help you get the most out of your future challenges! All that's left to say is, go on an adventure!
27 Sep 07:00 [SHOP] Angels & Devils
There are many decisions to be made on the adventures through Florensia. Should you take the safe or the dangerous route? Will you risk fighting a horde of monsters to achieve your goal? Will you stand behind your team mates no matter what? Is it an angel or a devil on your shoulder? You choose! Wear a pair of gorgeous Angel Wings or open the Devilish Random Box or show everyone your true colours with an Angel or Devil Dress - it's 25% reduced after all!