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08 Sep 07:00 [SHOP] Make a Change

Dear Florensians,

We do love changing outfits for every adventure - after all, not every dress is suitable in a deadly fight and not every robe can be worn for exploring the open sea. But once in a while, maybe changing the outfit isn't enough. Every then and again, we also like to get a new haircut and spice things up a little.

That's why this weekend, we're giving you the chance to spruce up your character with our special Resets. Go for a Hair Color Change (why not blue or red this time?), an Eye Colour Change (for that special shine) or even a sex change potion if you would like to...ahem...change your character all the way. For this big endeavour, we are offering all our explorers a reduction of 20%!

Have fun!

Your Florensia Team


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