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04 Oct 09:00 [SHOP] Harvest Moon Festival

Dear Florensians,

It is time for the annual Harvest Moon Festival! We also call it the Mid-Autumn Festival, a time to gather, to give thanks for the good harvest, and to pray for a good future. Offerings are given to the moon and the Moon Goddess of Immortality, Chang'e. People burn incense and perform dragon and lion dances in celebration to the shining lights of many colorful lanterns. Often people also pray to Chang'e to fulfill their romantic wishes, which is why they always dress up in beautiful clothes for the occasion.

Join us in the celebration and put on your Cheongsam, Hakama, Kimono or Yukata to make Florensia shine bright this day. You will not regret it with a reduction of 25%!

Your Florensia Team


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