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09 Oct 09:00 [SHOP] Leif Erikson Day

Dear Florensians,

There is the belief that Vikings were the first Europeans in the New World, and that Leif Erikson was in fact the discoverer of America. But who is this Leif Erikson? Well, he was an explorer like many of you yourselves - he was born in the beautiful Iceland and ventured out to work for King Olaf I in Norway and explored the land west of Greenland - which is now part of Canada.

Because of Leif Erikson, America has one more state holiday - since today is the day the ship Restauration from Norway arrived in New York!

Be a great explorer yourself and go down in history with a fetching Sailor Hat, some valuable Ship Power and some Norse jewels from Leif's home country. We’ll give you a 25% discount for the journey!

Your Florensia Team


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