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31 Aug 10:57 Elite Dungeon Twitch - The Answers

Dear Florensians,

last week we showed you in our Twitch Stream the new Dungeon and answered many of your questions. Our team member Taltrius had captured them and so we present you here the complete log of the stream.

If you want to see the stream again or for the first time. You can do it on our YouTube Channel




1. Is this dungeon going to be a warzone?

i. Yes, you will have to fight for experience. This does not count for noPVP channels. We plan to reward players who decide to take the challenge of leveling on PVP channels with more experience​

2. Will this new dress be in the shop?

i. Yes it will be. Males have fox ears, while the female suits will have rabbit ears.​

3. Why do the monsters have so much HP?

i. Because it is an Elite Dungeon….​

4. Is there any boss for the Elite Dungeon?

i. Not at the moment, but we are currently planning on one.​

5. When will the new dress be in the shop?

i. It will come with the new dungeon.​

6. When is this dungeon going live?

i. It will still take a while; so do not expect it to come this week. We do not expect to take too much longer as we are pretty far in our testing process. We will inform you early enough so that you will be able to plan accordingly.​

7. Why is there time for a new dress but not a new map?

i. While this is not a completely new map, it is a new area or rather the elite version of Fox Den. A new dress is also a lot less graphical art/design work than compared to making a completely new map. I hope you can agree with this.​

8. How do you get into the Elite Dungeon?

i. There will be a NPC in front of Fox Den that you can talk to. They will ask you if you want to take the Elite Challenge and that is how you can enter this dungeon.​

9. What new drops and equipment will there be?

i. We never said there was new equipment… so maybe you heard wrong. The drops for the dungeon are currently not ready. That is one of the things we are currently working on. If they are done, we will share this information with you and you will get the news where we present to you all the new gear that will be added to the game.​

10. Can you add a new boss to the dungeon that looks like a big taco?

i. Are you really playing the same game that I am watching? A big taco would be nice right now but I do not think it would make a great boss. Maybe it’s a end boss for real life, but not for this game.​

11. Why are the testers only doing 1 damage?

i. We are currently testing the resistance, and the resistance is too high right now. That will change for sure.​

12. Can you press I?

i. My inventory is full of items that we are currently testing… As you can see I had tests for various items. Nothing to see here honestly as I switch through all of my bags for you.​

13. When will the marriage system be done?

i. We are currently still working on the dungeon, but AHA Entertainment has started on the wedding system. After we finish the dungeon tests, the next thing to happen is for the wedding system to enter our test system. We will have to test that still so we cannot give you a date yet.​

14. What stats does the new dress have?

i. HP Recovery 20%, MP Recovery 20%, Max HP +200. There is no hat, it is just one dress. The cake is a lie.​

15. Are you all Chinese?

i. I do not know whom you are referring to, but I am most certainly not. I am German though so… that is where the accent comes from. I could also change my accent to either be Oxford or something English or American, but I rather speak like I speak…
ii. You reference yourself as German? I always thought you reference yourself as Bavarian?
iii. Yeah but you know, then people stop talking to me and that is not really good for this stream…​

16. Does Temptation work on mobs?

i. Yes it does.
ii. Well that was easy.​

17. Can we hope to have some frags or MC to drop from these mobs?

i. Uhm I can spoil on these drops already.. so Yes.
ii. Oooo Sweet.​

18. What will be done with the 20% MP cake and 20% Noodles?

i. We have had this discussion for a long time and we have explained this a lot of times. The other item will not come to the game and the MP will stay. We will balance that out with the class balance.​

19. Which of you guys has the sexiest voice?

i. Watch Twitch Past Broadcast at 11:30 for the commentary :)

20. Why don’t you solve all the bugs and do something useful before releasing things like that?

i. As you noticed, the first patches have mainly been bug fixes. Sorry to say... that is basically it. With this dungeon release there will also be bug fixes as well.​

21. When will the class balance be there and will there be new classes?

i. No new classes planned… yet. There is enough to do with the existing ones before we try to do anything new. For the class balance, it will take some time. To be very honest, that is not something which is done easily, it will take some time. It has to be balanced out, it has to be tested over and over again as you see we even test here how the different resistances affect the game and so on. The same goes for class balance. We have collected all your ideas and have shared them with the developers and we are in an ongoing discussion. I cannot give a date yet as it is way to early to talk about it.​

22. Why aren’t you helping?

i. Honestly… he wouldn’t be helping even if he was helping..​

23. Will there be new weapons or items?

i. We probably talked about this already, but new weapons is very specific though.
ii. Ahhh.. yeah yeah… lets say maybe.​

24. Will there be changes to the upgrade system?

i. No plans yet, but if it feels too random we will have a gander look into it. Uhm we saw some complaints about it and checked it out, though it was normally working. So yes, the upgrade system is based a bit on luck since it is a randomized system behind it. So you can’t calculate it. But from what we have seen from weapons on a various level, it looks normal. But we will have an ongoing look into the system. But for one thing I can say for sure, this is about the Fusion system because I know the question will come anyway. Yes we will look into the system and we are already looking into the system. There will probably be changes to it in the future.​

25. Have you though about expanding the current classes?

i. We already have one class change at 40, splitting them again would make class balance more complicated than it already is. Let us balance out our current classes before thinking about adding in more classes.​
26. Are you programming the new stuff directly at GiF, how many programmers do you have?
i. We do not program the new stuff at GiF. The game itself is programmed by AHA entertainment and they have a team of about 15 people on various positions from developer to game artists to project manager to game designers. It is a very small team but they are working very hard on the game.​
27. Will there be new level 85 armor?
i. It goes in the same direction as the other gear questions.. So I’m going to stick with the maybe.​
28. Are you going to give me your number or what?
i. Yeah its Look me up, you’ll find me​
29. Are the developers sleeping all day?
i. Well I’m a developer myself and I can tell you… Yes. But I guess we are talking about the game developers and that is a no. ​
30. Can you show the entrance of the dungeon?
i. The NPC is currently not there yet, but it is directly in front of fox den. There are already two NPCs there, and it will be the left NPC that will give you access to the Elite Dungeon.​
31. When are you planning on improving sea?
i. The thing to improve on sea is to have monsters beyond level 64 so that you can really level up sea to at least 75-80something. Its just in an early early early planning phase though.​
32. What will be done about FloBase?
i. It is not in our hands, it is the decision of Noxx to close down the page. It was a fan project. We cannot change his decision so there is nothing we can do about it.​
33. Do you plan to do something new about the fishing system?
i. Right now as our to do list is already quite long, this is currently on hold. We are not following up on this one because there are other things we need to do first before fishing.​
34. Will there be new graphic improvements since the graphics are outdated?
i. Maybe minor graphic changes. The thing is that the art style of Florensia is unique. Some textures may get refreshing, but this will never be like Far Cry or something like that. Florensia was always running on even low spec machines and it should stay that way.​
35. Can you show us the new Ice Dress and Poor Pirate Costume bonuses?
i. Uhh. No.
ii. (29:25) I already said I would not say anything about it because right now they
do not have any stats at all right now.​
36. What about Harbor Occupation War?
i. It is on our to be fixed list. And it is one of the things to be fixed next.​
37. Will there be any improvements on guild stuff?
i. Same as the fishing system, its on our to do list, but other things are more important than this.​
38. Are we able to level solo in this dungeon? Do the monsters have as much resistance as the ones in Secret Lab?
i. We are still fine fitting resistance, but we plan that the dungeon is doable solo. However, it will be much much slower if you solo. In the end, it is supposed to be for groups.​
39. Will there ever be an API?
i. You will need to be more specific with your question here.​
40. Have you thought of making plvl possible again?
i. No. We have not thought about it.​
41. Have you thought about changing tower for high-level players so that they did not have to start from Floor 1?
i. Yes we thought about it but we decided not to change it. It should not be used as leveling, that is why we implemented the Elite Dungeon.​
42. What about special skills for every class at level 99?
i. As said with the class balance and other class questions. Let us balance the classes first before adding anything new, or else we will screw up everything.​
43. Is this going to be identical to Fox Den?
i. It will be the same map, and monsters look the same, but they are much higher level than their little brothers in the normal Fox Den. They will drop totally different things and much more experience. The gelt will drop around 2.5k ~ 9k, in between these values.​
44. Are the mobs going to give the same exp as in Lab?
i. Nope they will give a bit more.​
45. Are there going to be changes to skills?
i. Later for sure when the class balance comes?​
46. Will recipes be changed, for example most of the lv81/37 recipes (Swamp of Oblivion)?
i. Not planned yet, but we will look into it and discuss it with the developers. There
is no given that this will lead to a change.​
47. Can you please play a new class with new weapons?
i. I’ll put it on the list… but at the end.​
48. Will there be more quests for higher level players?
i. It will come, but not with the dungeon.​
49. Love you me?
i. I don’t know, I don’t know you. Maybe I could… if you’re cute and little plushy… then probably I could.​
50. Will there be level cap reset?
i. We will adjust the level experience cap and soften the edges, but it will not be like before.​
51. Do you need more workers and what graduation do we need?
i. Depends on what you can. Just send a mail on our GamesInFlames website and send us what you can and apply for a job. If you have the skills we are looking for … and now I see Achim screaming in the back.​
52. What is number 1 on the list?
i. Number one is getting the dungeon out of the door. Afterwards is the wedding system. We have lots of nice things planned that I do not want to spoil yet. Bug fixing will always be planned.​
53. When does Flandria come?
i. I think the first time I head this question was back in 2008…? Let’s say that Flandria is something Achim and I have always waited for. It is something we have also asked AHA Entertainment very often about it.​
54. Do you think you will invest in the game or will you keep the game like that until it closes?
i. Uh what do you think you see that we are doing here? As Achim wrote in the chat already, TVSpots will air next month and we have already paid a high amount of marketing to get you and old players back to the game. Yes, we invest into the game and we believe in the game. It was something Achim and I made clear from the beginning, we did not restart the game just to shut it down again. We really want to keep it alive because we love this game. Achim was the first western person who played this game and he’s really still around loving it and I was really right behind him playing the game. We not only want to keep it alive for you guys but for us too.
ii. If you look at the staff there are so many people that are there from the beginning. We wouldn’t all be here if we didn’t want to invest and go forward in the game.​
55. Do also we get more experience for killing monsters in a group?
i. Yes it is quite high on our to do list. It is at least in the top 5​
56. When will Florensia go on Steam?
i. We have the greenlight but now we need to work on getting all the API integrated. I can say that sometimes Florensia is an issue code wise... but whoever used Steam once in their life knows that Steam’s tools are also a mess too and that their API are also really complicated and not straightforward as well. It will be some work to get Florensia integrated with Steam. We plan to get integration done by this year but no guarantees on this one.​
57. When will the Black Wizard Robes be back in shop?
i.I guess when the days get darker? (Laughter). The end of October maybe? Where it would make sense for dresses like Black Wizard to come around.​
58. Will you be able to buy Cash Items by using Steam Wallet?
i. Yes that is the idea behind integrating with Steam.​
59. Is it possible to meet up with you?
i. Uhm that’s a question with Achim. Next year at GamesCom we will have a meet and greet for sure. English, German, some French maybe.​
60. Will there be quests in the Elite Dungeon?
i. Not from the beginning. Maybe later, but not from the beginning.​
61. Will Florensia be available on console?
i. I do not think we will put Florensia on consoles… it would be probably be very hard to control it?​
62. Did you think about rewards for completing certain floors in tower?
i. Nice idea, I can put it on a list but not with a high priority.​
63. Will you change or improve AP or payments?
i. Let us know what you would like to see be changed? We are looking into adding more AP options for various countries in South America, Turkey, Spain, Portugual, just to name some. We are also looking into and have also checked on how much AP you are getting for your money.​
64. Mods or Addons?
i. People have tried and they have failed on it. Sadly the developers have not taken care of this part. It is not easily done and even the developers have trouble updating graphics. For example with the Gypsy Dress, in some versions had some issues.​
65. Can you remove the 51% damage thing from boss quests?
i. No.​
66. Will there ever be an item that lets you change servers?
i. We had thought about this since the beginning… and have discussed this with AHA way back when. However it is not easy because of the structure of how data is stored.. to put it nicely is complicated, making it simply not possible.​
67. Will you add some cash drops for the upgrade system?
i. Uhm no. It is not planned right now. We can discuss it and have a look at it, but doubt it.​
68. Will it be possible to switch between channels without logging in and out?
i. That would make some really deep changes necessary and we would rather currently invest this development time into other things.​
69. Are the developers working hard?
i. Yes for sure. They start maybe 7-8 in the morning and they don’t leave before 11pm. I could even reach them at 3am the next day their time. They were super committed in the past and they are still super committed because they are very bound to this game.​
70. Will it ever be possible to build a Slate Piece of Ancient without buying things with AP?
i. No. Maybe something weaker than the Slate Piece of Ancient but not identical.​
71. Are there going to be more streams?
i. Let us know if you want more by telling us in forums, Facebook, any social media.​
72. Will there be more channels in Bergruen?
i. Not right now because the servers are not big enough to add more channels. If we get more users then we will add more channels.​
73. Will you reuse the beta armor designs for new armor?
i. Probably yes.​
74. Will the mounts get any faster?
i. What do you mean faster? I always fall off those things.
ii. We can think about it, but do you really need to go faster with these mounts?​
75. Are you still planning on bringing submarines into the game?
i. Ahhh… no.​
76. Don’t you think more people will leave Florensia after disappointment of this new dungeon?
i. We showed something that’s really early. Drops aren’t even ready. We just wanted to let you see something that was coming up. You can give us feedback now and we can give it to the developers to discuss.​
77. Will there be more monsters or more chances to get Magic Crystals?
i. Yes, especially in this Elite Dungeon.​
78. Will you change the Yellow Black Wizard Dress stats so that it is worth farming?
i. It is not on the list but we can think about it. I can say, it is not that useless. People are already farming it.​

If you ever see Achim in the game… Run. Simply Run. The chance is high that you will die in the next second.
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