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16 May 09:00 [UPDATE] Patchlog

Dear Florensians,

We fixed the following issues in our maintenance today:
- Mounts/riding pets bugfixes

- We have fixed the problem that players could unmount you from your pet, while buffing you. Now you will stay on your mount and get the buffs from other players too!
- We have fixed the problem, that after calling the mount, you could not interact with NPCs or cast skills. Please note, it is not meant to fight on your mount, when you cast a skill or are hit by a monster or player in PvP areas, then your mount will be automatically disabled. So, if somebody attacks you, this system makes a lot of sense, to respond in a fast way to the attacker.

- Combat pet visible bugfix

We have fixed the issue with combat pets, that the correct level and experience were not shown when they were in sealed state after being over level 99. There was no problem with experience or level of the pets, it was only a visible problem inside the mouseover information window. So, the correct levels and exp will be shown in shops again (if somebody wants to sell a combat pet higher than level 99, too).

- Map problem bugfix

We have fixed a bug with the map pulldown-menu. It was possible to click on empty map entries there, showing wrong maps (because these should not appear on these islands). Now there are no empty entries anymore the map pulldown menu is working correctly.

- 2-hands and shield

It was once again possible to exchange items in your inventory by seeing a 2-hand weapon together with a shield. This was fixed today and we hope that this was the final fix for that kind of issue.

- Sound issues

We are currently working on sound bugfixes, to get a nicer playing experience with Florensia, especially if you’re playing with headphones.

We supplied the first part of the bugfix today and fixed the broken waterfall loop sound, the one which you could hear very loudly on the Rainbow Island, near Rainbow Basin Altar of Memory  Safe point. Now there is a really nice environment sound again.

More bugfixes incoming soon! Have fun playing!

Your Florensia Team

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