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13 Nov 13:07 [EVENT] Send us your screenshots
Greetings, explorers of Florensia!
My name is Elladora, official photographer of Chester Island, and I've been asked from the very lord of this city, Lord Briant, to advertise a new event!
Our Lord Briant would like to announce a big photography contest, and guess what? He'd love if you could all take part in it!
Clearly, the contest will have winners, and winners will receive prizes fitting for their efforts.
It would not be a contest without rules 'tho, so hear me out!
Every player will be able to take part to the contest with only a single screenshot, which must be posted into this forum thread.
Said thread will stay open for 2 weeks, meaning you will have up to 14 days to post your photo and compete in the event.
It will be a pleasure to judge your screenshots, but i will not judge them alone!
I will keep in high regard other player's opinions, so feel free to ask to all of your friends to show their support leaving a 'like' to their favourite(s) screenshot(s)!
While being limited in posting a single screenshot, there is no limit to the number of screenshots you may 'like', after all.
So, are you ready to join the competition?
Oh, silly me, I forgot the most important thing, the topic of the competition!
You will be required to post a very special kind of screenshot...a selfie with your favourite boss!
I'm sure you will have a lot of fun with it, but there is another rule to keep in mind:
You will NOT be allowed to modify your screenshots in any possible way.
Sadly, graphic programs are yet to be discovered in Florensia…
Make sure to partake in the competition, or Lord Briant will be very disappointed about it.
I can guarantee there will be big celebrations once we will announce the winner!
We wish you lots of fun!
Your Florensia-Team
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