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31 Dec 11:16 Happy New Year

Dear Florensians,

the year 2015 comes to an end this night and we like to take the chance to review it.

In January Florensia got it's re-launch, after it got abonded by it's former Publisher. We, AHA Entertainment and GAMESinFLAMES, had to start from scratch and build not only the technical infrastructure from scratch. We had to build also our organizations around the game again.

All that took a while and it's still ongoing, we're really thankful for all the understanding you had for this.

With the Elite Dungeon and the Wedding System, the first new things arrived in Florensia within the second half of the year. Even if the Elite Dungeon doesn't use new maps, it helps to fix some of the the level gaps and we'll add some more in the future.

But we also could solve some of the issues which were bothering you since the beginning.

In the review we had things that went good and other not, but overall we're excited about this year we spend with you.


The Teams of AHA Entertainment and GAMESinFLAMES, wish you a very good start in 2016. That you and your families stay healthy and that you'll have a lot of fun together with us in Florensia.



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