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23 Feb 08:55 Return of King-Dodo

Listen! Listen!
After a very long absence, our beloved King Dodo has finally returned!
Because he loves his folk so much, he allows you to pay him homage!
As always, he has spared no effort to show his kindness and wants to demonstrate that he appreciates your shown respect.
During the festivity, he will let you compete in a competition. It's about courage, strength and endurance. For the bravest and most courageous of you, King Dodo will give great rewards!
For that, his folk is asked to gather in Roxbury at the marketplace on the 27th of February. King Dodo will arrive on Lux5(noPvP)  at 20:00  o’clock (CET).
Since King Dodo’s kingdom is very large, and his far away living subjects should have the same possibility to greet him, he organized a second festivity.
It will take place on Lux5(noPvP), on the  28th of February at 21.00 o’clock (CET), at the same place.
There you will receive all the necessary information to partake in this event.
What a great idea our King Dodo has in store for us this time…
We’re looking forward to see you around!

Your Florensia Eventteam
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