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24 Feb 07:00 Visit at AHA Entertainment

Dear Florensians,

As some may have heard Achim and René went last week to Korea to visit AHA Entertainment.
While this visit they not only talked about the past year 2015 and what went well and what not, they also talked about the plan for 2016 and a bit beyond.

Lee, Jae-Young (CEO AHA) - Achim - Lee, Wongyon (Lead Dev) - Lee, Hyunku (Head of Business) - Rene

At this point we like to share a few of these information with you. But be aware of a few things.

  1. These are not final concepts and things can be changed
  2. Ideas can be dropped due to various reasons, so it's not 100% given that it'll come
  3. Even if we have list them down here, it doesn't mean they come tomorrow. These are parts of the roadmap for the next 12 months. Also things can get delayed.

Also we don't share anything which is really just in the status of an idea. That means that we have more planned as we share with you, but we don't like to disappoint you. 

Elite Dungeons

Beside the existing Fox Den, we plan to have further more Elite Dungeons. These will not slow down the development of other things, as AHA Entertainment found a good way to handle the next ones better and more efficient.
For the reason why we bring any further dungeons, keep reading.



We know that we have the Greenlight since quite a while. The problem that holds us back is not as simple to solve.
Beside the not really straight forward interfaces, we fight against a problem of the age of Florensia. The runtimes of Florensia base on the 2003 version and Steam requires a minimum of 2005. That means we have to upgrade the foundation of Florensia to a newer version.
We can't give an estimate yet, but AHA and GIF hope to have this solved within the first months of 2016.


Equipment & Weapons

One thing that Florensia lacks in the higher level is the variation of Equipment and Weapons. We like to change this and introduce to you on an ongoing base new items which can be only found in the Elite Dungeons. We plan to introduce them starting level 75 to level 100.


New Map?

Yes, there are plans for a new map and you can see some of the concepts within this news. It'll not be Flandria! There is at this time nothing more to share with you, beside these concept arts. As soon as there is something, we'll keep you informed.

It's again a first step we have to take before we can move on to something like a full new island with a Town, Fields and Dungeons.


What else?

There are other things as well like the class balance for example, which we plan but don't have the final concept ready. Also for things on sea. We like to give the possibility to reach at least level 80 on sea, but the plan how to achieve that is just a very rough idea. 

And these are just the high level topics. We also talked about (Party-)EXP and PvP Rewards and many other things which we have to solve this year.

So we hope this gives you an overview in which direction we go with Florensia.



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