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24 Mar 13:00 [EVENT] Special Easter Event

Dear Adventures!

As you all know, every year on Easter, – the rabbit will hide its items in tall grass.

Eggs and candy are the treats he gives us before the time will pass!

This year especially, our rabbit is planning a big surprise for us.

Chocolate, cookies, and goodies are enough to win our trust!

However, the Rabbit wants to give more.

Gather in Roxbury near Tricia, by the personal shop’s door.

Once there, search for all of the rabbit’s gifts he has in store. 

He wont go easy on you Florensians! But he will be fair!

The search will start – Obviously – next weekend. See you There!

On Lux5(no PvP) - 26th of March 2016 at 20:00 CET

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