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31 May 16:00 [EVENT] PvP Event!

Dear Adventurers!

We are currently creating a PvP event for you!

Since we want to give everyone the chance to take part within our event,
you can vote for your best fitting date(s) & timeframe(s)!

Please write your chosen points and the level range of your character in this thread.

The level ranges are: 65-72, 73-80, 81-88, 89-99


            Level range 73-80
            Date 1 17-19 o’clock
            Date 3 13-22 o’clock

            Date 4 17-18 and  20-22 o’clock


Possible Dates:

1. Friday the 10th of June 17-22 o’clock

2. Friday the 17th of June 17-22 o’clock
3. Sunday the 19th of June 13-20 o’clock

4. Saturday the 25th of June 12 o’clock - Sunday the 26th of June 1 o’clock

5. Sunday the 26th of June 12-19 o’clock

6. Friday the 1st of July 16-22 o’clock

7. Sunday the 3th of July 14-20 o’clock

On the 5th of June at 20 o’clock CEST, the survey will end and we will publish the dates for all level ranges.


All times are in CEST.

All responses that are not related to the vote will be deleted!

Florensia Eventteam

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