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07 Jun 13:19 [EVENT] Are you ready to rumble?

Dear warriors!

It is your turn to show your power in our upcoming PvP Event.

If you feel powerful enough to challenge other players, you should consider to register now. For it, just  send to us an email to




with the name and level of your character.

Important: Please write us the mail with the address you have currently bound to your account. We need it as proof, that it is really you, who apply.


Deadline is the 10th of June at 20 o’clock CEST.


Here you will find the rules you have to accept if you want to join the PvP Event:


  • The level ranges are: 65-72, 73-80, 81-88, 89-99
  • One application per account.
  • Best out of three.
    • Every battle lasts 3 rounds.
      • Whoever wins 2 fights of a battle will be the winner.
      • If a contestant has won the first and second fight, the third fight will be skipped.
    • The time limit per fight is 5 minutes.
      • If there is no winner after 3 rounds, there will be a fourth fight,
        which decides the battle.
    • A Logout (this includes a cap/disconnect) counts as a lost.
  • Your partner will be random.
    • The winner of the first battle will fight against the winner of the second battle etc.
    • For the 3rd place, the ones who lost the semifinals are going to fight against each other
  • Fusions are forbidden.
  • Any potions are forbidden.
  • Only buffs your char has as a skill are allowed.
  • No pets and temps (MK).
  • All cash items are forbidden.
    • This includes and is not limited to: buffs, potions, pets, accessory, weapons, dresses, headgears.
  • The fight will take place on Cony.
  • It is forbidden to leave the red PvP circle.


The event will take place at the following timesets:


  • 17th of June, 18-22 o’clock for level 89-99
  • 19th of June, 14-20 o’clock for level 65-72
  • 25th of June, 18-22 o’clock for level 81-88
  • 26th of June, 14-19 o’clock for level 73-80


        On Luxplena (NoPvP).

        All times are CEST.

~Let’s see if you are powerful enough!~

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