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21 Dec 14:50 Attention please

Dear Florensians,

On the morning of December 12th 2016 there were massive problems with our login which resulted in problems with some accounts. 
While the restoration of the items of the few players that were affected is taking longer than we had hoped, we would like to apologize again.
Also, we would like to give each player a small compensation for the inconvenience that was caused.

This is why, during one of our first maintenances of January 2017, we will give every account's highest character that was created before December 12th 2016 and was at least logged in once between December 1st 2016 and December 12th 2016 3x "Liquid Medicine of Increased Experience on the Land VIII“.

This, of course, cannot undo what happened. But for those who partly missed the 2x EXP event, this is hopefully a compensation. The items will not be bound to account or character. So you can freely decide how to use them.

For the small number of those who also had problems with their accounts, we will find individual compensation. These will depend on the severity and the waiting time of the individual case. The players will be informed separately in January after we have evaluated everything.

We would like to thank the many players for their patience and their help. We know it's not easy to wait, especially at this time. But our team is doing their best so you can all play again as quickly as possible.

Florensia Team

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