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23 Dec 08:28 [SHOP] Ice Ice Baby

Dear Florensians,

Matching the winterly temperature we would like to present the icy accessories of the Frost Giant Ymir!

The germanic mythology teaches us, that at the beginning of all time there was a place of fire, Muspbell, and a place of ice, Nilfheim. Between them there only existed a large divide, the so-called Ginnungagap. Here it came to pass that the nordic ice met the southern fire and from the melted ice water arose the Frost Giant Ymir. From his body our world was created - sky, earth, water, mountain and forest. As legend has it, Ymir's skull became the sky, his body the earth and his blood the sea.

The power of Ymir is now bound to his ring, his necklace and his earring. Get your icy accessories now and carry Ymir's soul with you on your adventures!

In addition, the bundles are reduced up to 25%.


Florensia Team

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