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03 Jan 09:18 [SHOP] New Year's Sale

The holidays were relaxing, contemplative, exciting, and those of you who greeted the New Year somewhat louder might even be a little fatigued from the celebrations. So we thought you might need some upgrade items to begin the new year full of energy again! We wish you the best for 2017 and see you soon in Florensia!

Well, it's been a year, it doesn't surprise me
"Florensia" I wrapped it up and sent it
With a note saying "upgrade items please", I meant it

Me? I guess I was an ally to fight with
A face of Florensia with a fire in his heart
A man on a mission but enemies tore me apart
Oh oh now I've found a real love for adventure

They'll never fool me again
Last Christmas I gave it my all
But the very next day I think I'll need support
This year, to save me from tears

I'll use my upgrade items



Florensia Team


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