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09 Feb 13:39 [UPDATE] Avery Elite Dungeon

Dear Florensians,

It is time - The Avery Elite Dungeon is coming in February! Yes, you heard correctly! We have a unique dungeon with many new quest NPCs, mighty elite monsters and epic bosses coming and cannot wait to see how all you brave adventurers venture out into this new and unknown territory! Be prepared for fights that will test your limits and challenge your guilds to give it everything they've got!


Do you dare to approach the guard at the entrance to the dungeon and begin your journey? Only the bravest of adventurers may enter!


Encounter many new quest NPCs!! Some are friendly, but others may not be as nice as they seem...


You will meet well-known bosses in their Elite-form! There is no joking around with them or you might lose your head!


And if you survive the Elite Bosses...well, then you will experience the true might of Dungeon Boss Elite Vampire Lord Robinson!!!


You want more? Well, it doesn't stop here! Have a look at our complete list of new monsters:


  • Elite Shrineguard Spearman, lvl 90
  • Elite Ghost Maid, lvl 90
  • Elite Shrineguard Knight, lvl 91
  • Elite Female Vampire, lvl 91
  • Elite Female Zerg, lvl 92
  • Elite Maid of Dark, lvl 92
  • Elite Male Zerg, lvl 93
  • Elite Exiled Maid, lvl 94
  • Elite Female Vampire Noble, lvl 95
  • Elite Corrupted Maid, lvl 96
  • Elite Male Vampire, lvl 96
  • Elite Crazy Vampire, lvl 97
  • Elite Male Vampire Lord, lvl 98
  • Elite Male Vampire Noble, lvl 99
  • Elite Chess Soldier, lvl 100
  • Elite Chess Sorcerer, lvl 100


  • Elite Nelia, lvl 95
  • Elite Maegner, lvl 97
  • Elite Lady Kinavery, lvl 99
  • Elite litte Rose, lvl 100
  • Elite litte Baron, lvl 100

Dungeon Boss

  • Elite Vampire Lord Robinson, lvl 100


Gather your weapons, summon your guild, and prepare for the dungeon that will bring you monsters as you have never encountered before! Adventurers be ready - Avery Elite is coming in February!!!

Further information will be released with the patch notes.

Your Florensia Team

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