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17 Feb 10:45 [Shop] Be my Valentine 2

Dear Florensians,

We hope you all enjoyed a happy Valentine's Day! We are not ready to let go of the romantic atmosphere yet and decided to give you something more in our second Valentine's Sale! Therefore, we are giving you a reduction of 25% on our gorgeous Hearts and Heartbeats! Wear these cute head effects to top off your outfit and show everyone the Valentine's spirit!


Roses are red,
violets are blue
Florensia is waiting.
Will you be there too?
Potions and weapons to protect you from those
angry and challenging almighty foes.
From monsters and creatures that make you hide
when the only thing missing is you by my side.
So let’s conquer the islands, the cities, the seas
and leave behind fear in the forests and trees.
Because this adventure I’d like to experience with you.
Florensia is waiting.
Will you be there too?


Your Florensia Team


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