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17 Mar 11:30 [SHOP] Age of Anubis

Dear adventurers,

An ancient power dwells beneath the cities of Florensia. An egyptian legend that is known to us only as the golden jackal, Anubis. As the god of the afterlife he guards the souls of fallen adventurers. It so happens that long ago, the bravest of Florensians sought out his power and forged impenetrable helmets in his image.

During their exploration of the tombs, the adventurers also discovered the long-forgotten tomb of pharao Tutankhamun. Narrowly escaping the treachorous curse of the pharaos, they used this knowledge to create a pharao dress worthy of Tutankhamun, that could be worn by all explorers in their battles to come.

These unique items are now available for those who seek danger and adventure in the world of Florensia! Moreover, a reduction of 30% is granted to all explorers that are worthy of this ancient dress!

Your Florensia Team



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