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20 Apr 14:54 [SHOP] Gifts from the Gods

Dear Florensians,

Are you familiar with Greek Mythology? Have you heard the tales of heroic and legendary characters that conquer all evil with their special powers?
These great greek Gods have left us their magical Jewels to support all adventurers in Florensia with their mythical properties.

Powerful Amaltea, mother of Zeus, wore glistening earrings of purest sapphire. The nymph Callisto had a necklace set with an overwhelming ruby.
Carpo's beauty was only ever overshadowed by his glowing topas pendant. The Earth Goddess Elara drew her power from ancient Turmalin earrings of brightest green and the divine hero Ganymede conquered his enemies with the influence of his glorious Malachit beads.

Don't miss out on this unique opportunity and receive your special accessories to assist you on your adventurous quests! On top of that you will receive a magical reduction of 25% in our Florensia item shop on all these special items!

Your Florensia Team



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