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09 Jun 12:00 [SHOP] Constant Companion

Dear Florensians,

What does every adventurer need on his exploration of Florensia? Armour? Yes, that's important. Weapons? How else would you defeat evil? Potions? Well, you do need to keep up your strength. But treading these dangerous paths alone is not easy. Having a companion by your side is worth so much more than any kind of worldly possessions, don't you think? We certainly do, and that's why we've decided to give you the chance to pick a cute companion for the journey! Choose between a cute Perit, a mischievous Redfox or fluffy Hwanggu and discover the world of Florensia together! And pssst...there's a reduction of 25% on all looting pets as well!

Your Florensia Team


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