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19 Jun 09:00 [SHOP] Go Fishing Day

Dear Florensians,

There are many possibilities to spend time in the world of Florensia: Some of you set out on exciting quests, some of you gather your guilds to slay fearsome monsters, others again like to explore new environments and dungeons. And when you get hungry on your journey, there are delicious recipes for snacks along the way. But where to get the ingredients? Not hungry for mushroom skewers today? Maybe looking for something more hearty than a salad? 

Well then, a nice fishing trip is the solution! Today, on Go Fishing Day, we watch as many Florensians gather at the docks to catch the largest fish! Some are more successfull, others a little less. What always attracts the best bait is of course the best equipment! Our item shop is offering Bamboo, Fox and Iron Fishing Rods! Take your pick and receive a 25% reduction!

Your Florensia Team


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