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04 Aug 07:00 [SHOP] Gypsy Kings

Dear Florensians,

The people of Florensia travelled to these lands from all over the world. Some people came across the oceans on vast ships, others crossed high mountains, and there is one group that cannot be bound to one place but are nomadic folk, always traveling from place to place. We call them the Romani, the Gypsy Kings of Florensia. They have their very own customs and stories, which they love to tell around a cosy bonfire while others dance around the flicker of the flames.

The men and women of this folk are also very talented in creating individual and beautiful clothing, adorned with bangles and beads and colorful feathers. You will now find these gorgoeus Florensian Gypsy Dresses in bright colors of red, blue and green in our item shop with a fantastic reduction of 20%! Dress in these grand Gypsy King outfits and feel as unique as the folk that brought them to Florensia.

Your Florensia Team


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