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We plan to have an event on Tuesday, the 15th of May at 9:30pm CEST!
10 May 10:00 [EVENT] Mother's Day
We plan to have an event on Sunday, the 13th of May at 8:30pm CEST!
04 May 12:00 [UPDATE] We Want You!
Listen listen! We are recruiting volunteer shipmates!
We plan to have an event on Friday, the 4th of May at 9:30pm CEST!
Have you discovered all the hidden secrets in Florensia yet? We bet there are some you haven't seen yet: After all, Florensia now also has Steam Trading Cards! Check us out on Steam now and become the first to get all Collectables!
27 Feb 10:00 [NEWS] Florensiagram
Are you a fan of photos too? Good! You'll be happy because Florensia is now on Instagram! Follow us and like your favourite pics. What could be better than remembering all of your happy moments in Florensia with just one album?
Our team is expanding and needs more hands for our Portuguese side.
Dear Florensians, As some may have heard Achim and René went last week to Korea to visit AHA Entertainment. While this visit they not only talked about the past year 2015 and what went well and what not, they also talked about the plan for 2016 and a bit beyond.
31 Dec 11:16 Happy New Year
Dear Florensians, the year 2015 comes to an end this night and we like to take the chance to review it. In January Florensia got it's re-launch, after it got abonded by it's former Publisher. We, AHA Entertainment and GAMESinFLAMES, had to start from scratch and build not only the technical infrastructure from scratch. We had to build also our organizations around the game again.
Dear Florensians, last week we showed you in our Twitch Stream the new Dungeon and answered many of your questions. Our team member Taltrius had captured them and so we present you here the complete log of the stream. If you want to see the stream again or for the first time. You can do it on our YouTube Channel.