Florensia Events
Find out more about the latest and upcoming events in the world of Florensia. Celebrate various international holidays, take part in competitions and collect fantastic winnings. Join the event team on its journeys, collect all event items and celebrate. For honor and glory! Please click on the headlines to read the full news articles.
18 Jan 14:25 [EVENT] Jubiläum
To all adventurers, we say - gather your weapons and guilds! Due to the anniversary of Florensia's relaunch we are celebrating with a Double EXP-Event! The event will begin on January 25th 2017 and last until February 2nd 2017. Maintenance will begin on January 25th 2017 at 6am CET.
Don't miss our Double EXP Event that will be starting tomorrow!
30 Nov 11:33 Surprise
To welcome all new Florensia players and as a small apology for the waiting time we have come up with a surprise for you!
Dear adventurer! Strange things are happening in Florensia! Ships are disappearing, monsters are being transformed, even Lance does not seem to be himself anymore! What’s going on here?
Hello Florensians! We need your help again! We heard about a witch that wants to make her annual elixir. I think we should help her. She looks really angry and there are rumors going on that she will turn us into toads if we don’t help her. I don't want to know what happens if we don't help her, so please, come and help us!
Dear adventurer! In the past, the mercenary Koon accumulated a lot of fortune in the basement of his house. At night something happened, Koon heard a thud coming from his basement and he went to check it but.. We didn’t get any info back. I’m sure he needs our help Florensians!
Dear warriors! It is your turn to show your power in our upcoming PvP Event. If you feel powerful enough to challenge other players, you should consider to register now. For it, just send to us an email to
31 May 16:00 [EVENT] PvP Event!
Dear Adventurers! We are currently creating a PvP event for you! Since we want to give everyone the chance to take part within our event, you can vote for your best fitting date(s) & timeframe(s)! Please write your chosen points and the level range of your character in this thread.
Dear Adventures! As you all know, every year on Easter, – the rabbit will hide its items in tall grass. Eggs and candy are the treats he gives us before the time will pass! This year especially, our rabbit is planning a big surprise for us. Chocolate, cookies, and goodies are enough to win our trust! However, the Rabbit wants to give more.
23 Feb 08:55 Return of King-Dodo
Listen! Listen! After a very long absence, our beloved King Dodo has finally returned! Because he loves his folk so much, he allows you to pay him homage! As always, he has spared no effort to show his kindness and wants to demonstrate that he appreciates your shown respect.