Florensia Events
Find out more about the latest and upcoming events in the world of Florensia. Celebrate various international holidays, take part in competitions and collect fantastic winnings. Join the event team on its journeys, collect all event items and celebrate. For honor and glory! Please click on the headlines to read the full news articles.
With the currently strange April weather it is an advantage to have the right clothes for the right conditions. The same is true for Florensia and its many adventures. Lucky for you you can help us with that by participating in our ongoing Design your Dress Event where you have the chance to suggest a new dress for Florensia by sending us a drawing! Maybe you have an adventurous idea that we have not thought of!
At the 15.04 from 21:00 o’clock until 22:00 o’clock CEST and at the 17.04 from 19:00 o’clock until 20.00 o’clock CEST you will find easter bunny’s in whole Florensia! They can hide anywhere, so keep your eyes open! Every 10 minutes, they’re searching a new hiding place. You found a bunny? Awesome! Talk to him and you can keep his loot!
Dear Florensians, There was a lot of excitement over Easter and we hope you are having fun with our Easter Event! But our Easter Specials aren't over yet! We will be having a Double EXP Event starting on the 13th of April 2017! So not only can you collect Easter Eggs and try out new recipes, but also use this time to boost your EXP in our Double EXP Event! Have fun and see you in Florensia! Your Florensia Team
11 Apr 12:00 [EVENT] Easter Event
Of course we have something up our sleeves for Easter Time! Our fabulous Easter Event is taking place for the next two weeks! This means you will meet many of our lovely dodos all over Florensia. These drop coloured Easter eggs and cherry blossoms that you can collect. There are also special surprise Easter eggs! They will be very useful, since our Florensian bartenders will be offering special Easter recipes!
You have always dreamed of actively shaping Florensia and seeing your ideas come to life? Take your chance now and take part in our Design Your Dress competition! Be inspired by your favourite costumes or create a completely new look that we have never seen before! Wedding Gowns, Royal Costumes, Sinister Dark Outfits, Cute Animal Dresses or Shiny Armour...it's completely up to you! We can't wait to see what you come up with!
All brave explorers among you might have been wondering when the next challenging event was going to take place. No worries, coming up we have something special for you: A Double Drop Event is going to take place in Florensia! The event will last from the 14th of March until the 21st of March, so grab your weapons and be prepared! The probability for item drops in your battles will be doubled! Maintenance will begin on the 14th at 6am CET and then it's off to battle! We hope to see you there!
Cryton couldn’t find her.. He has missed his chance! But.. wait! Who is that?! Could it be..?! She is here! And she wants to tell us her story! So, what are you waiting for? Accompany us on the 5th of March at 19:00 o’clock CET on Lux NoPvP and see how the story ends! We’ll be waiting for you at the harbor in Roxbury!
22 Feb 11:04 [EVENT] Who are you?
Dear Florensians, Love is a beautiful thing. But how fast do we get distracted because of it? With all those pink hearts in his eyes, Cryton has actually forgotten to ask for her name! But... who is she?! Can you help him find her? We are going to meet on the 24th of February at the harbor in Roxbury on English NoPvP. We’ll start at 20:00 CEST and try to bring him to the right path.
18 Jan 14:25 [EVENT] Jubiläum
To all adventurers, we say - gather your weapons and guilds! Due to the anniversary of Florensia's relaunch we are celebrating with a Double EXP-Event! The event will begin on January 25th 2017 and last until February 2nd 2017. Maintenance will begin on January 25th 2017 at 6am CET.
Don't miss our Double EXP Event that will be starting tomorrow!