Itemshop & Payment
Nifty headgears, useful potions, exclusive premium items and special services: Learn more about the variety of items you can purchase in the Itemshop and inform yourself about new payment methods and ways to purchase AP or to gain and spend your precious BP.
22 May 09:00 [SHOP] Make a Change
We do love changing outfits for every adventure - after all, not every dress is suitable in a deadly fight and not every robe can be worn for exploring the open sea. But once in a while, maybe changing the outfit isn't enough. Every then and again, we also like to get a new haircut and spice things up a little. That's why we're giving you the chance to spruce up your character with our special Resets.
18 May 09:00 [SHOP] Cyborg Gear
We are from another planet and have taken over the Florensia shop. At the last second, the staff told us that you like tech-themed dresses. Therefore, we want to make you a peace offering and present you with the Cyborg Gear, which is available in black, silver and white. We are hoping for a peaceful cooperation in the new year and...just don't pay attention to the flying discs in the sky.
As preparation for the adventurous times to come, we thought it would be fitting to make it a proper animal adventure! How about an exotic tiger hat or a cute mini-ferret? It's your choice! Visit the Florensia shop and get your Mini-Mounts and Animal Costumes now with a reduction of 20%! Dress up and let your animal adventure begin!
The fields and forests of Florensia are inhabited by many kinds of monsters, it is true, but they are also protected by mysterious spirits that watch over nature at all times. Become a protector of Florensia and slip into the role of the Fox Spirit!
08 May 09:00 [SHOP] Celestial Armor
The fantastic Luminous, Blazing and Dark Celestial Armor are now available with a reduction of 20% in our Florensia item shop! The Gods are watching over you and grant you all the strength you need to succeed while you are wearing this tremendously beautiful forged masterpiece!
Are you familiar with Greek Mythology? Have you heard the tales of heroic and legendary characters that conquer all evil with their special powers? These great greek Gods have left us their magical Jewels to support all adventurers in Florensia with their mythical properties. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity and receive your special accessories to assist you on your adventurous quests! On top of that you will receive a magical reduction of 15% in our Florensia item shop on all these special items!
We wanted to take a look back on our great Design Your Dress Contest we performed so that you - the community who always supports, gives ideas and feedback and builds Florensia with us - would have the chance to have your favourite dress designs implemented in the game! This is a review of the three winners that were chosen by you, and the models of those designs as they were implemented in the game. We are really happy with the results and the great participation from you on this endeavour!
30 Apr 09:00 [SHOP] Walpurgis Night
Do you feel that? The sense of mystery and danger in the air? Yes, the night of April 30 has arrived! On this fateful night, witches gather and have a direct bond with the devil. Bonfires are lit and songs chanted throughout the dark night. It is Walpurgis Night!
26 Apr 09:00 [SHOP] Golden Week
Golden Week, the well-known row of public holidays, is approaching! To celebrate these glistening days, our Florensian shop keepers have chosen to display their very best in the shop windows! Dress up in a celebratory Yukata and enjoy a day of fishing in the sun with a Fox Fishing Rod, pick some flowers and wear a crown of blossom sprinkles, nibble on a delicious cake or set out on a new exciting adventure - stylish as ever in a sleek white, gold or violet Phoenix Cloak! Enjoy the week and have fun playing!
Who of you knows what that delicious malted beverage with that rich flavor and thick foam is called...Ah! Yes, beer! Are you already dreaming about having an ice cold pint straight from the fridge and relaxing with it in your garden, in the sun? Do it today: German Beer Day celebrates the innovation and craftsmanship of German brewers everywhere!