Itemshop & Payment
Nifty headgears, useful potions, exclusive premium items and special services: Learn more about the variety of items you can purchase in the Itemshop and inform yourself about new payment methods and ways to purchase AP or to gain and spend your precious BP.
18 May 08:00 [SHOP] Upgrade Madness
It's time to improve your gear for the upcoming challenges within the "Scavengers of the Past" update. That's why we make you a special offer till May 22nd 2017. You'll find in our Shop Slate Piece of Ancient and Platinum Powder with a discount of 20%. As well as the special Diamond Dust, which increases the success chance by 5 times, for 1,200 AP. Beside that we prepared some special bundles for you, so have a look.
12 May 12:32 [SHOP] Blazing Weekend
Dear Florensians, Are you ready for the weekend? Florensia certainly is and has a special surprise to give you a blazing time playing online over the weekend! The fantastic Luminous, Blazing and Dark Celestial Armor are now available with a reduction of 25% in our Florensia item shop! The Gods are watching over you and grant you all the strength you need to succeed while you are wearing this tremendously beautiful forged masterpiece! Your Florensia Team
Follow the white rabbit ears down the rabbit hole and don't be late with your golden pocket watch or you might miss tea time! And who would want to miss out on those sweet lollipops! Use the magic gold key to enter Wonderland and don't miss that bottle of Elixir that says "Drink Me!" If you do get lost, don't worry, the friendly Dodo Spirit will help you find the way. You should also be dressed for the tea party of course, so wear your best Alice Dress or Dressy Rabbit Costume!
Join the Darkside, we have... NOODLES As today we are celebrating May 4th (Star Wars Day!), we thought it might be a good idea to serve some noodles! So until May 8th you'll have the chance to grab your bowl and celebrate as well. Your Florensia
28 Apr 11:05 [SHOP] Walpurgis Night
Do you feel that? The sense of mystery and danger in the air? Yes, the night of April 30 is drawing near! On this fateful night, witches gather and have a direct bond with the devil. Bonfires are lit and songs chanted throughout the dark night. It is Walpurgis Night!
Dear Florensians, Have you heard that Unicorns love glitter? So what better than a pinch of sparkling Diamond Dust? Get yours now from our Florensia item shop! Your Florensia Team
Are you familiar with Greek Mythology? Have you heard the tales of heroic and legendary characters that conquer all evil with their special powers? These great greek Gods have left us their magical Jewels to support all adventurers in Florensia with their mythical properties. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity and receive your special accessories to assist you on your adventurous quests! On top of that you will receive a magical reduction of 25% in our Florensia item shop on all these special items!
13 Apr 10:00 [SHOP] Epic Easter
What would an Easter Nest be without a little surprise from us for our brave Florensians! Take a peek in our item shop and see if there are any goodies for you there! We bet you'll find our brightly coloured Dressy Rabbit Suits, Bunny Girl & Boy Dresses and cute Rabbit Ears. And since it's the holidays, there will be a great Easter reduction of 20%!
In case you didn't know, today is National Pet Day! We love our little companions in Florensia, whether it is one of our cute looting pets Patrasche, Blacktan, Dodo or TaoTao or a skilled combat pet such as Warrior, Archer or Wizard! Which is your favourite? Due to this special day all of them are now available in our Florensia Item Shop with a reduction of 20%!
06 Apr 07:57 [SHOP] Cyborg Gear
We have a new addition to our wonderful Florensia costumes and we have to say, it is definitely one of our personal favourites! Join the Sci-Fi revolution with this futuristic costume and headgear! The Cyborg Gear is one of a kind and will not only boost your magic abilities but also defend you from enemies like a skin of steel! Choose from clear white, gunmetal silver or jetblack!