Itemshop & Payment
Nifty headgears, useful potions, exclusive premium items and special services: Learn more about the variety of items you can purchase in the Itemshop and inform yourself about new payment methods and ways to purchase AP or to gain and spend your precious BP.
27 Mar 08:25 [SHOP] Pirate Days
We hear our captains are selling sea equipment and the most glorious pirate costumes at the Florensia shop right now. And what is that? If you seem a worthy adventurer, you will also receive a reduction of 25%! Choose between sinister evil pirate costumes or fabulous good pirate costumes! Or even treat yourself to an Epic Luxury Boat! Nothing is out of reach! It's a pirate's life!
23 Mar 15:55 [SHOP] Upgrade Mayhem
Dear Florensians, It's Upgrade Mayhem! Our Upgrade Systems are now available with a reduction of 20%! There are many treasures to be discovered! Maybe spice up your adventures with some glittering Gold Sand or a magically Frozen Red Feather? Or be the master of time and space with our special Slate Pieces! Choose wisely and be prepared for whatever Florensia holds in store for you! Your Florensia Team
21 Mar 09:19 [SHOP] Wizarding Week
As you know, Florensia is a magic place full of adventures and mysteries, such as frequent monster invasions. Could they sometimes be an attack of a secret mage? We might never know... Our brave explorers set out again and again to discover these mysteries in the magical world of Florensia. Today we would like to increase your powers with a little surprise: It's wizarding week!
17 Mar 11:30 [SHOP] Age of Anubis
An ancient power dwells beneath the cities of Florensia. An egyptian legend that is known to us only as the golden jackal, Anubis. It so happens that long ago, the bravest of Florensians sought out his power and forged impenetrable helmets in his image. These unique items are now available for those who seek danger and adventure in the world of Florensia!
14 Mar 10:31 [SHOP] White Day
We wish you all of our explorers a happy White Day! As you all know, it is japanese tradition to celebrate White Day one month after Valentine's Day so the men can bring their sweethearts gifts such as marshmallows or white chocolate. And for those of you who have something more in mind, we have a special surprise: Today we present our brand-new beautiful and extravagant wedding costumes!
Our motto for the next days is everything green! Yes, adventurers, St. Patrick's Day is coming up! Florensia is joining in with the St. Patrick's Day Sale to make sure that all of you will be able to choose their favourite green dress to suit up for the occassion! You will also receive a special reduction of 30%!
Every one of you probably has a little angel and devil on their shoulder that guides them through their quests and makes decisions a bit more difficult. Which do you listen to? Is there a little more angel or a little more devil in you? Decide now and dress up in our fabulous Angel and Devil Dresses! And of course, don't forget your wings! You can find all of this now in our item shop with a devilish reduction of 25%!
We hope you enjoyed our upgrade sale! But wait...we hear you want more? Not to worry, we have something up our sleeves! What is this? Yes, dear adventurers, it is purest glittering Diamond Dust! This mysteriously glowing powder quintuples (x5) your success rate once while upgrading! Afterwards, it will be consumed. Drop by our shop for a pinch of Spice Your Upgrade! This offer will be available until the 6th of March 17.
Dear Florensians, Don't forget to pick up your Upgrade Systems with a reduction of 20%! The 2nd of March is your last chance to take advantage of this opportunity! Let the madness begin! Your Florensia Team
27 Feb 13:45 [SHOP] Upgrade Madness
To give you a great start to the week, we have a surprise waiting for you in our item shop: It's Upgrade Madness! This means we have conjured up some special offers for you! You will receive our Upgrade Systems with a reduction of 20%! Whatever you choose for your adventures - Slate Pieces of Space or Time, Gold Sand or Platinum Powder - we wish you great success at exploring Florensia! Let the madness begin!