Itemshop & Payment
Nifty headgears, useful potions, exclusive premium items and special services: Learn more about the variety of items you can purchase in the Itemshop and inform yourself about new payment methods and ways to purchase AP or to gain and spend your precious BP.
22 Jun 09:00 [SHOP] Summer Sale
The sky is blue, the sun is shining brightly and the water's surface is glittering. It's time to put on those swimsuits and head to the beach! It's summertime in Florensia and we want you to enjoy every last second of it! Pick your Ocean Swimsuit to be one with the water, a Fire Swimsuit to stand out or a Boat Headgear to really turn some heads! Oh and by the way: No need to worry about not having a few coins left over for ice cream, since we have our fantastic swimsuits reduced by 25%! We'll see you at the beach!
19 Jun 09:00 [SHOP] Go Fishing Day
There are many possibilities to spend time in the world of Florensia: Some of you set out on exciting quests, some of you gather your guilds to slay fearsome monsters, others again like to explore new environments and dungeons. And when you get hungry on your journey, there are delicious recipes for snacks along the way. But where to get the ingredients? Not hungry for mushroom skewers today? Maybe looking for something more hearty than a salad? Well then, a nice fishing trip is the solution!
Do you hear the call of the Ocean? The determined captains are standing at the helm while their excited sailors are busy preparing to hoist the sails this fine morning! We seem to be in Poseidon's good graces today, since the waves are smooth and there are no clouds to be seen on the horizon! A perfect day to set out on a journey across our vast Florensian Oceans!
What does every adventurer need on his exploration of Florensia? Armour? Yes, that's important. Weapons? How else would you defeat evil? Potions? Well, you do need to keep up your strength. But treading these dangerous paths alone is not easy. Having a companion by your side is worth so much more than any kind of worldly possessions, don't you think? We certainly do, and that's why we've decided to give you the chance to pick a cute companion for the journey!
Dear Florensians, We have a fantastic new addition to our Florensia costumes to show! Take a trip to Florensia's very own Neverland with this dreamy Peter Pan outfit that will never let you grow up or bring some pixie dust into your life as a cute fairy! The Peter Pan and Tinkerbell Costumes are available in blue, green, red and pink! Your Florensia Team
06 Jun 12:23 [SHOP] Samurai Slam
As a wise man once said: "New eras don't come about because of swords, they're created by the people who wield them." Be part of our Samurai Slam and discover the Swordmaster's Treasure that will grant you the power to defeat any enemy! The matching Samurai Helmets or Ninja Outfits are also available in our Florensia item shop with a whopping reduction of 30%!
02 Jun 13:00 [SHOP] Covfefe
In anticipation of the long weekend you are probably all looking forward to, we would like to give you a little something to strengthen you along the way! Visit our Florensia Shop to grab yourself a portion of our special Noodles! There's nothing like a covfefe meal before going on an exciting adventure! Have a covfefe weekend everyone!
Upon the request of many of you, we'll have the this sale return until June 2nd 2017. You'll find in our Shop Slate Piece of Ancient, Diamond Dust and Platinum Powder with a discount of 20%.
29 May 00:00 [Payment] +25% AP Sale
From the 29th of May 2017 0:00 CEST till the 2nd of June 2017 23:59 CEST, you'll get additional 25% AP on your AP purchase, started within that time.
18 May 08:00 [SHOP] Upgrade Madness
It's time to improve your gear for the upcoming challenges within the "Scavengers of the Past" update. That's why we make you a special offer till May 22nd 2017. You'll find in our Shop Slate Piece of Ancient and Platinum Powder with a discount of 20%. As well as the special Diamond Dust, which increases the success chance by 5 times, for 1,200 AP. Beside that we prepared some special bundles for you, so have a look.