Florensia Updates
Read more about the latest patches for Florensia. Future updates and previews will be announced in this section as well as technical changes related to the game. Be prepared for the new additions and exciting features. Please click on the headlines to read the full news articles.
Finally, here's the armour preview for all our saints! Dress up in this and never lose a fight again! Shiny bronze, metallic blue and magical feathers! See you on the battlefield!
Everyone knows mercenaries are always in the front lines and eager to take on any challenge, whatever the risk! Here is some armour for this fearless type of fighter: join the fight and look great as well!
Our Explorers are all set to go, but all Florensian Nobles are eager for the fight as well! Here is your fancy new armour - and it doesn't stop there - we gave you wings as well! A great dress for great magic-wielding adventurers!
You've seen your upcoming weapons, but what would they go best with? That's right! Shiny brand-new armour that not only protects you from harm, but also makes you look impressive and fearless on the battlefield! Behold These new pieces for all our Explorers!
Dear Players, We will perform a maintenance on Friday, November 3rd 2017 from 7am CEST to remove the Double EXP Event. Your Florensia Team
31 Oct 07:00 [UPDATE] Recap Weapons
After reviewing all the new weapons we have shown you over the last few days, of course we'd love to know which of the weapons you'll be choosing! So here is a summary of all the different kinds our smiths have crafted for you!
You have seen many weapons over the past days, but what is missing...hmmm...let's think...oh right! What about a one-handed sword for Mercenaries, Explorers and Saints? No worries, here it is! What can we say? Shiny, flat and sharp enough to cut a blade of grass with one precise swing! A handy thing to have around, wouldn't you say? A clever warrior carries this weapon with him at all times, you never know if an enemy is hiding in the shadows!
A small knife hidden beneath a cloak is a handy thing if you are expecting and ambush. A gun is certainly good for quick and effective duals. But our Mercenaries and Nobles are looking for a bolder, more impressive weapon for sure! So let us present this piece of forged iron bound by glistening chains that will keep enemies away in all your future battles - seriously, they won't be able to approach you as far as a foot away, since this spiked rapier keeps them at a distance before they can even look you in the eye.
Everyone has their weapon of choice - some prefer something magical, or quick-handed, a silver blade or a long-range weapon. But nothing goes over a straight-forward, powerful piece of weaponry, not made of silver, but of pure gold! It is the weapon of the ambitious and fearless fighter! The firearm that means if your enemy is looking down the wrong side of the barrel, it's already too late for them to run. With this terrific rifle by your side, you will pass through the battle field as if it were nothing!
We have shown you weapons - from the glistening cariad to the sleek dual guns - but of course every Florensian knows that a weapon will only take you so far if you don't have something to protect yourself from attacks as well. True, you will have armor, but by now we have all heard the rumors of the enemy's dark magic powers and how can we be sure that armor will be enough? So, to be on the safe side, our smiths have crafted a special shield for all Mercenaries in the front lines that should repel all kinds of physical and magic attacks during the fight! It was a hard thing to make, but the outcome is magnificent.