Florensia Updates
Read more about the latest patches for Florensia. Future updates and previews will be announced in this section as well as technical changes related to the game. Be prepared for the new additions and exciting features. Please click on the headlines to read the full news articles.
Our next preview for our great Scavengers of the Past Update will give you a sneak peek into some more of the new weapons which will also give you a bonus! Choose your weapon of choice: Will it be the dual hand guns, the rifle or the one handed sword? And don't forget to protect yourself with a florensian shield!
Our explorers already brought us back some pictures from their first excursion to the undiscovered land of Scavengers of the Past! But could this be enough to prepare us for what lies ahead? To give our Florensians a better view of what dangers they are getting themselves into, we sent our scouts out a second time! What you see below are the further areas they discovered. There are still some things changing and developing on the map, but this should give you a good idea. The scouts were lucky enough to escape the many enemies...but be sure many of them are lurking in the shadows...
We will perform a maintenance on Tuesday, July 4th 2017 from 9am CET to remove the EXP Event.
We will perform a maintenance on Wednesday, June 28th 2017 to add the boat trade feature. It will be a short maintenance that will begin at 9am CET. The EXP Event will remain and last until the 3rd of July.
We will perform tomorrow, June 23rd 2017, a maintenance to activate the 2x EXP Event. The Maintenance will start at 9am CEST.
14 Jun 09:00 [UPDATE] Map Preview
We are all very excited for our grand Scavengers of the Past Update! We've shown you some of our great Weapon concepts and you've had a look at our unique new Armour....but wait....something seems to be missing. Of course! You're probably wondering what the Map and its actual environment looks like! Well, one of our explorers set out today to get the lay of the land and bring you back some pictures of the gates that you will enter to Scavengers of the Past! It is undiscovered ground that guards more than a few secrets...
It's time for our next preview! Are you ready? Since we showed you some weapon concepts last time, we think we should tell you a little something about our new armour today! What kind do you imagine for our upcoming big Florensia update? Well, let us tell you about it! We have some fantastic new armour for nobles and explorers coming up!
Dear Florensians, There will be some maintenance on Thursday, June 8th 2017 starting at 8.00am CET to add a great new costume. We will announce it as soon as maintenance is complete. Your Florensia Team
Dear Florensians, Are you ready for what Florensia has in store for you next? Behold some of our amazing weapons that await you in our upcoming update! There will be a new weapon for every weapon class and of course each of them will give you a bonus! Have a look at the concepts for the fearsome two-hand sword, the glorious new rapier and the magical cariad!
Today we like to start with the first look onto the new map of our SCAVENGERS OF THE PAST update.