Preview: Community Features
We would like to present you a preview including community features that will be added step by step to the Florensia website. Please note that developing all these features will take some time. Enjoy this glimpse into the future and visit our website updates news section to get more information about the upcoming additions.
Extended Personal Profile and Control Center:
Manage your friends on the Florensia website, choose your main character, customize your profile with screenshots or fan art and write about your in-game adventures in your personal Game Logbook. Take a look at the people who visited your profile and use the convenient user search to find out more about interesting players.

In the Control Center, you will be able to see who of your friends is currently online and you'll be notified if you got a new mail waiting in your inbox.
In the future, we will also add rankings to the website displaying the characters you activated in comparison to your friends and competitors in the game.
Avatar System:
Soon you will be able to choose one of around 500 avatars including NPC, monster, character and special avatars. As we want to offer you more than just the pre-defined avatars, you will be able to customize them by writing down your nickname on the chosen picture.

As we like to support your own creativity, you are however free to continue using your own avatars in the forum. Please make sure your avatars are in accordance to our rules and the code of conduct.