Character Classes
Choose your favorite class and develop your own playing style - find out which class suits you the best.

Different weapons and various possibilities to specialize both status points and skills allow you to create special and unique builds.

Form a party and find the perfect setup and strategy to defeat the strongest monsters.
You can choose from in total 12 character classes and become one of the best fighters in the world of Florensia. Start with one of the four basic classes called Explorer, Mercenary, Noble and Saint.

Reach level 40 and change your class! You can also click on one of the following pictures to take a look at some illustrations or screenshots:
Class Change System

Each of the four base classes can change into one of two different extended classes which makes it possible for you to play in total 12 different character classes! Meet the challenge at land level 40 and become a true hero increasing your powers and skills.

With special equipment, enhanced looks and various unique skills, your character can become a glorious fighter and a tactical leader. Please take a look at the pages of the character classes to find out more about the extended classes.

Having reached land level 40, you should go to Glostern and visit the master of your class there. Take a look at the map to find out where you can find the person you have to talk to.
If you are level 40 or higher, a new button will be visible when you talk to your class master. Press it and tell the NPC which class you would like to change into.
The NPC will send you to Lady Avery who is standing in northern Glostern. Talk to her and accept her quest named Holy Test (Classchange Quest).
The Skeletons and Werewolves for the quest can be found in the ruins of Gloshire. Go there together with your friends and collect the required amount of items. Make sure you bring along enough potions and a Saint to heal you, as the undead monsters that found the way out of Avery Dungeon unleash hell upon the living.
Return to Lady Avery once you have collected all the items. She will give you a letter of recommendation and send you to your class master.
Talk to your class master to change your job class. Congratulations! You will receive one rare level 41 weapon suitable for your new class.