Island: Cardiff Island Magnel Island Exeter Island Chester Island Flandria Island
Capital city: Roxbury Castle Hall Glostern Cherrytown Bergruen
Dungeons: Abandoned Mine, Fox Den Tulach Dungeon Avery Big Mansion Droes Dungeon ???
Level range: 1 - 23 20 - 43 40 - 63 60 - ?? ?? - ??
Recommended sea level: 8 15 25 40 ??

Press the (Z) key to open the world map in the game!

After the Great Upheaval, the world of Florensia had shattered. The once peaceful continent Lux Plena burst into several pieces, no more than islands completely cut off from each other. Even the ocean currents changed and no ship can sail beyond the borders of this map. The rest of the world outside the displayed empire of Florensia has vanished from the peoples' memories.

The vast ocean yet inherits more fragments of the former landmass that need to be discovered. The dark magic that was the source of the destruction infested the ocean and perished the balance of nature and living. The humans still withstand their doom, but the peace is fragile...

Hitherto explored Islands
Cardiff Island
Your journey begins in Roxbury, the capital of Cardiff Island. Surrounded by the serene blue waters, a balmy breeze from the ocean fondles those who start their voyage. Outside Roxbury, adventures are waiting in Weedridge and Larksdowns as well as in the dungeons Cardiff Abandoned Mine and Fox Den.
Magnel Island
Magnel Island with its mighty fortress Castle Hall lies northwestern of Cardiff. The island used to be bigger, but caused by the eruption of a dangerous volcano, a big part of it sunk. Today, Castlefield and the dangerous Tulach Dungeon are occupied by monsters and strange creatures.
Exeter Island
Being the smallest of the four islands, Exeter is however the place with the longest history. In the city of Glostern, people value tradition and the bond to their neighbors. Although life on Exeter seems perfect, the monsters in the countryside called Gloshire frighten the residents - let alone the sinister horrors creeping in the Avery Big Mansion.
Chester Island
Chester Island lies far away in the south-west. For a long time, the Pirates had succeeded in preventing ships from landing at the harbor of the city Cherrytown that is dominated by the spirits of nature. Moreover, Chester Island had been floated with the most magical energy, so the monsters in the Rainbow Highland field and in the mysterious Droes Dungeon are more aggressive than anywhere else.