In the world of Florensia, you can build and steer your own ship. Set sail, hire a crew at the dock and discover the mysterious Hoomanil Ocean: Numerous exciting journeys await and there are more than enough challenges at sea you have to master!

Currently, there are five different ship types in two sizes. Each ship contains of various ship parts that can be bought or found. To find out more about shipbuilding, please click here to read the guide on our website.

Each of the ships has its pros and cons: One may be faster than the other, one has a bigger cannon, the third one is too small to get hit. You can test all of them by buying the ship parts and setting sail. No matter which one you choose: They are all highly impressive warships with billowing sails and streamlined prows!

Explore, trade and fight!
The Armored Ship
Specialized on high defense and tanking

A huge steel-plated ironclad with strong defensive abilities that won't draw aside when it comes to a direct confrontation. With its strong armor and defensive skills, it protects the fleet from enemies. Sometimes, it rushes into the enemies in order to annihilate the opponents with its mailed ram.

The Assault Ship
Specialized on melee damage

This offensive ship type causes lethal damage using its cannons or shocking horns. With its maximized clashing attack power, this multi-functional ship can either attack with its cannons or crush right into the enemy. Swiftly changing its position, the agile Assault Ship is the most flexible ship.

The Big Gun Ship
Specialized on high ranged damage

It is specialized on fights at a long distance and it can cause great damage to a wide area. Activating on its huge firepower, the Big Gun Ship can cause serious damage to a wide area by using its incredibly large front cannon from a safe distance.

The Maintenance Ship
Specialized on supporting other ships

This ship can repair other ships by means of various repair devices and buffs. It is also able to place underwater mines to slow the enemy down. With its magical buffs, it can strengthen the fleet, but it mostly prefers to stay away from the front line.

The Torpedo Ship
Specialized on high speed

It doesn't have the highest defensive or offensive powers, but due to its high speed, it can swiftly fire at enemies without getting caught. Its high speed is suitable for ambushing tactics. It causes most of its one-shot damage with the torpedos at the front.