• As mentioned in the picture above, you need to buy the Skill Books for your job class in order to learn new skills.
  • Each skill has a specific level requirement that needs to be met before it can be learned.
  • Increasing skills above a specific level also requires a certain player level.
  • Once you level up, you will receive Skill Points which you can spend on the skills you learned through the books beforehand.
  • Some skills will only work with specific weapons. Moving the mouse over a skill in your skill window will show you the needed requirements and whether you meet them.
  • There are various skill categories: Passive skills enhance your character's abilities and active skills, such as buffs or attacks, can be used on other players and monsters.
  • Please note that all active skills consume MP, as they are based on the magic of the ancestors. This means that also the damage of melee battle skills will be increased by adding points to your INT!
Status Values

When you level up, you get skill and stat points. In order to learn new skills, you have to buy the skill books at the class master of your class in Roxbury or any other town. Click on the skill book to learn a new skill, then use your skill points to increase the new skill. You must spend at least one skill point on a new skill before you can use it!

Your character has the following status values which you can increase to improve his abilities:

Strength (STR): Highly influences the character's physical attack. Mostly used by close-range attacking classes.
Dexterity (DEX): Increases the rate of successful attacks and helps to avoid attacks. Used by most every class.
Constitution (CON): Increases the HP recovery rate and the max HP. Mostly used by tanking classes or those being attacked by monsters in close-range.
Intelligence (INT): Increases the magical attack power and the physical attack power of physical skills. Mostly used by classes with magical attacks.
Wisdom (WIS): Increases the MP recovery rate and the max MP. Mostly used by classes with magical attacks.
Will (WIL): Influences the rate of critical attacks when your character attacks. Crit builds are mainly used by Mercenaries.
Luck (LUK): Influences the damage of critical attacks. This stat cannot be increased manually.