Florensia World History
Learn more about the tragic history of the ancestors. Every world, innocent as it may seem, has its own history carved into every stone, whispered by every breath of air and sealed in the heartbeat of every living creature. Discover secret mysteries and be among the first to set foot on land that has greatly changed since the Great Upheaval caused Lux Plena to burst into several pieces.
To you, the world of Florensia may be a land for explorers who quest for ancient artifacts and remains of lost cultures. Maybe it is a place for Mercenaries relying on the power of their swords to fight for honor and glory. Perhaps it symbolises the school of life for highborn Nobles to study the ways of magic. Possibly, it simply is a wounded realm of spirits only a Saint can heal.

Whatever it is that you seek, the remains of history will affect your fate and gently lead your steps back to the origins of the world which was destroyed due to the reckless magic practice of the ancient people. An era of chaos and war followed, but the accordant documents have not been deciphered yet. Adventurer, once you step inside this world, keep in mind that you as well will become a part of its history.