Installing Florensia

Did you already download the free Florensia client? If not, click on the picture above to access the Florensia download page.  Florensia is a free-to-play MMORPG from Japan with breathtaking 3D anime style graphics, a whole world to explore, customizable character classes and lots of exciting features for a unique gaming experience.

Double-click on the Florensia client to install the game. At first, the program will verify your download to make sure you have downloaded the whole Florensia client without any errors.

Once your client has been verified, the Installation Wizard will pop up. Click Next > to proceed. Please note that you will need around 2.3 GB free space on your HDD for Florensia.
The default path for the installation of Florensia is C:\AHAEntertainment\Florensia, but you can change it to a different location anytime. Select your desired folder and press Next > to proceed.

After you have added a start menu folder for quickly starting Florensia via the Windows Start menu, the installation will start. Depending on the power of your computer, this may take a few minutes.
Once the game has successfully been installed, you will see this window and you can press Finish to complete the installation process. Well done, now get ready to start the game!