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Florensia is a 3D next-generation free-to-play anime fantasy Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) from Japan. You can download the client for free and play at no cost. In the game, you will meet thousands of other players - play together with people from all over the world, make new friends and become a part of the international Florensia community.

The following overview will guide you through the registration, download and installation process of Florensia.

Step 1 - Account creation

In order to play Florensia, you have to register first. The registration is completely free - all you need is a valid e-mail address. No payment information have to be submitted.

Click here to create your free account for Florensia!
Step 2 - Account confirmation

Once the registration is completed, you will receive a confirmation e-mail to validate your registration. Follow the instructions in the e-mail to activate your account.

After your first login to the website, your registration is complete.

Step 3 - Game Download

You have to download and install the Florensia game client to play Florensia. The client can be downloaded for free from various download partners.

Click here to download the Florensia client!

Please make sure your computer meets the system requirements for Florensia. You can optimize the graphical settings in the game later on.

You can check the system requirements here

Step 4 - Installation

Once you have downloaded the client, run the FlorensiaInstall.exe file and install the game to the desired folder.

Click here to read our detailed Installation guide
Step 5 - Patch Download

Double-click the Florensia icon on your desktop to start the Florensia launcher. The launcher will automatically update (patch) your client to the latest version.

Choose the language you want to play Florensia in and start the game when the patching process is completed.

Step 6 - Character Creation

Log in to Florensia and choose the server you want to play on. When you connect to the server, you will be able to create up to five different characters.

Choose your job class, gender and looks and join the world of Florensia in the town of Roxbury.
Step 7 - Start Your Own Adventure!

Create your own profile on the website and talk about Florensia in our forum.

Learn more about the game, make friends to achieve your goals. Join a guild, create your own warship and visit the website frequently to get the latest news around the game in time!