Code of Conduct

I. General Regulations

1. Enforcement

The Florensia Team is responsible for the enforcement of the following rules.

Violation of the rules is being avenged by our support staff. They are authorized to ban players permanently from the game.

II. Behavioral Rules

Florensia has established the following rules regarding the behavior in general to secure a peaceful coexistence.

Respect the international community and languages

You should always respect the fact that many different languages are spoken in the international Florensia community. On all servers, the obligatory language in the Shout, Trade and General Chat is the language of the world you play on. Exception: "Latin" stands for all official languages spoken in Central and South America.

Do not killsteal! Do not hit monsters attacked by other players!

If you see another player who is not a member of your party attacks a monster, do not attack the same monster without asking the player who hit the monster first! If you accidentially hit the monster of another player, apologize and do not steal any items! We do not support killstealing and we are working on adding a system to the game that prevents killstealing.

No boss-farming, mobtrain or similar unfair practices

Do not allure more monsters than you can handle and do not trail monsters across the whole field. Do not pull monsters on other players. It is not allowed to farm boss monsters, mini-bosses, named monsters or quest monsters if hindering other players or if constantly keeping them from killing these monsters is the intention behind your action.

No insults, flames, cursing, discrimination, harassment

To ensure a peaceful and enjoyable atmosphere in our games and our portal, it is forbidden to insult or flame other players. Do not discriminate others, do not sexually harass them or talk about sexual contents in the game. Do not talk about alcohol and drugs.

Don't spread rumors

Always stay with the truth! If you spread rumors about other characters, players, Scouts, GMs, GM Chiefs or Staff members, you can even become liable for it if someone you have spread bad rumors about sues you.

No fraud, but fairness

Be fair regarding every aspect of the game so everyone has the same chances. Agreements of any kind related to this have to be documented with screenshots and a detailed description.

Operators of official fansites

Operators of official fansites have an increased responsibility and they should take care that the rules are being followed on their websites as well.

Refrain from using illegal or discriminating names

Never use a name for a character, a guild or a chatroom that insults or discriminates people regarding their complexion, race, belief, derivation, language, political or religious views. Don´t use any names including sexual content!

No exploits

Do not take advantage of coding deficiencies.

No spam or flooding

The intended abuse or excessive and multi-repeated use of emotions, punctuation marks, whole sentences, SENTENCES IN CAPS is forbidden, as other players will feel disturbed by that. Do not post links to external websites related to the purchase of Gelt or in-game content. This is illegal and will result in a permanent ban.

Respect the Florensia Staff and Team members

Behave politely towards the team, amongst others the Staff, the Language Chiefs / Language Support Teams, Scouts, the various technical Teams and the Florum Moderators. Especially when you are in need of assistance, being friendly will help. Respect and accept the decisions of the Team. Negotiations about punishments and your interpretation of the rules will not be accepted if directed towards Scouts or other Team members in the game. If you do not agree with your punishment, please use the official communication channel for it: our Ticket System. Your complaint will be reviewed and discussed.

No botting or usage of cheats

Do not use additional tools/scripts which automatically activate skills or other cheats and tools which will help you playing the game more easily.

No hacked client

Do not modify the client. Every modification which affects the orderly operation of our servers, the client, the website and all associated servers is strictly forbidden.

No hacking and / or abuse of accounts

Hacking or otherwise getting hold of the long name and password of any account and changing things there without the knowledge and permission of the respective owner is forbidden. Do not distribute hacking tools, hacker websites, links and any kind of illegal software.

No trade or sale of in-game content outside the game

Do not trade items / accounts / characters for real money or other proceeds. Trading accounts / characters for in-game items is prohibited as well. Do not buy the Florensia in-game currency ("Gelt") on any third-party website.

Propagation of information

Do not propagate your information e.g. personal information which could lead to your identification to others. The Florensia team will never ask you for your password.

III. Sanctions

All actions mentioned previously may result in legal tracing from the Florensia team. All accounts which are linked to aforementioned actions will be frozen for a specifically set period of time. Everyone who takes part in such actions will be sued from our side, because of data manipulation and other EDV-delicts without respect for their age, derivation, reasons, background or cause. All information about those people will be forwarded to our legal department without prior warning!

IV. Illegal Content

1. Definition of illegal content

Do not distribute pornographic, politically radical, discriminating or otherwise offensive content in or about the games and the portal. The Florensia team will not tolerate this kind of content and ban your account immediately after finding out about it.

2. Cooperation with authorities and prosecution

If you ever distribute forbidden content and the Florensia team gains knowledge of it including user reports, the Florensia team will forward all available information to the next police authority in charge. The Florensia team will provide every assistance needed to punish the person for providing illegal content.

3. Assistance for prevention

Please actively contribute to the prevention of illegal content in Florensia and on the portal and confidentially inform us if you find accordant content. Please try to give us detailed information (with screenshots if possible) on the forbidden content and send in all information possible in order to allow us a fast prosecution.