Support Information

The Florensia team consists of different departments responsible for the services around the Western global version of Florensia, the website and the game itself. We would like to introduce the various departments to you.

Florensia Staff:

  • Color in the forum: Crimson

Florensia Language Support Teams:
There are different departments for each supported language. The Language Support Teams and their leaders mainly work in the ticket system. They are also present in the Florum to answer any urgent questions you may have, including problems with other users who might be disregarding our rules in the game or in the forum.

Florensia Ingame Moderators (Scouts):
The Scouts work in-game to answer questions players may have about Florensia. Please click here to read more about the Scouts and how you can apply for becoming a Scout yourself.

Florensia Event Team:
The Event Team creates, organizes and holds events for the international Florensia community.

Florensia Technical Support Team:
The Technical Support Team mainly works with the ticket system and in the Florum to answer / help with any technical questions / problems that the users may have regarding Florensia.

Florensia Bugreport & QA Team:
The Bugtesting Team's main job is to discover, test, report and fix possible known bugs in Florensia.

Florensia Abuse Team:
The Abuse Team focuses on discovering or inspecting any case of fraud or reported players who may be using 3rd party tools, bots or other illegal software.

Florum Moderators Team:
The Florum moderators maintain the Florensia forum called "Florum" in all supported languages. They are subordinate to their accordant Language Support Chief.

  • Color in the forum: Dark green