Support and Tickets


  1. What exactly is a "ticket"?
  2. How and where can I send a ticket?
  3. In which cases the support can help me?
  4. Which information is needed for solving my problem?
  5. Evidences in different cases that are needed

1. What exactly is a "ticket"?

A ticket is an email for contacting the Florensia Support. The support is available in all languages that currently are provided in the game, so German, English, Turkish, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian and French. Via the ticket you discuss internal things about Bans, problems with technical issues or questions about the game. The Support Team consist of volunteers* and they are giving their best to give you a high quality experience of the game.

*Please understand that it means that they are all having a reallife and so they can't be answering tickets 24/7.

2. How and where can I send a ticket?

Before the restart of the game it was possible to get access to the ticketsystem from the homepage. Now you can contact the support via mail. Here is a little overview for all available support branches:

Emails for the different departments
(based on you spoken language)

ENG : flosupport_en@gamesinflames.com
GER : flosupport_de@gamesinflames.com
FRA : flosupport_fr@gamesinflames.com
ITA : flosupport_it@gamesinflames.com
ESP : flosupport_es@gamesinflames.com
PT : flosupport_pt@gamesinflames.com
TR : flosupport_tr@gamesinflames.com

Everytime you send a ticket to us, you should get a automatic-generated email where you can see what you have written. This process can last to 30 minutes, so please be patient. You should wait 24 hours before you send a new mail about the same case. It will not help when we get five tickets to the same case. It is also beneficial to answer on our mail, instead of sending a full new mail, to prevent problems of our organisation.

It is not important with which mail account you send us the ticket. It is only important that all important information is included like the account ID or names of the character. (For more information look at 4. Which information is needed for solving my problem?)

3. In which cases can the support help me?

We, the Support, are here to make sure that your gameplay and you positive experience increase. We try to make the game as pleasantly as possible for you. Our work is divided into four different areas:

Of course we would love to help you with your questions about technical issues to provide you an unforgettable gameplay!

Your security and your privacy is important for us. Of course we will give you advise when you have got questions or problems with your privacy, your account or other!​


You wanted to trade with a player but he tries to cheat? No problem! Contact us with screenshots and we will see what we can do for you. (For more informations look at 5. Evidences in different cases that are needed) Social means also that we are responsible that all rules are respected!

Also we are responsible for little questions or problems ingame. You do not know where you can finish the firewood quest and no one in the serverchat answers to your question? Contact us and we will answer your question!*

*Except questions about probability (Upgrade/Fusion/Seals/Drops), Questions about Skill-and-Statbuilds and prices of items in the game.

4. Which information is needed for solving my problem?

For solving your problems or answering questions we need some information. It is important to mention everytime your ID and perhaps when needed the name of the character. It is also helpful when you orientate on the following questions: Who?, When?, What?, How? Where?
In this way you can ensure that your ticket will be answered as fast as possible.

The subject is free selectable. It is helpful when it contains the topic of the ticket and it is also helpful when you attach your ID for example when it is about a hacking case. A example would be the following subject: My imaginary account "Spyro1234" was hacked so it would be something like:
Subject: "My Account was hacked - ID:Spyro1234"

5. Evidences in different cases that are needed

This part is important for reporting someone. There are some things that you need to pay attention to, because even there some things could be done in a false way. In worst case it would mean that we can not process your issue because of missing evidences.

a) Killsteal/Bosssteal
In this case mostly screenshots are enough as evidence. The screenshots should show how you hit the boss or monster first and then somebody hit it after you. To ensure you should also take a screenshot of the not completed quest, if existing.

We recommend a testversion or fullversion of any Game-Capture Video program that can record what is happening ingame. The video must also contain all above mentioned things like first hit or uncompleted quest. Attention!: It is possible that videos that have a big file size will not be sent to us. To avoid this please upload your video on YouTube and send us the link, but it is important that it is not open for everybody but not listed.

b) Bugabuse/Hackcase
We take this seriously and also take the reports about players seriously. When you think that a player could be using a bug, do not be shy to send us the video. In cases that contain bugusing or cheating we only accept videos as evidence (!) because on screenshots it is not always visible if it is in fact a bugabuse or only a graphicbug.

c) Trading and Agreement
We are receiving a lot of mails by players who traded with somebody and than the player is not giving the item back. In this case you MUST have a screen of the agreement and also of the trade itself. We can not solve your problem when you only send us a screenshot of the trade. It is not important if it is a trade, a trade for borrowing something to somebody or an other kind of trade. Do not be naive, even when they are your "friends", always take screenshots. In the end you are the one who is not getting the item back by us, because of no evidences.

Important information about evidences:

  • Evidences have to be non-edited. That means that the screenshot and also its name have to be the original from the Florensia folder.
  • We will not text documents as evidence, because they are too easy to fake.